Spanish high-speed passenger trains manufacturer Talgo and German national railway firm Deutsche Bahn (DB) have revealed the first passenger car of the intercity train, touted as the train of the future.

Called ICE L, it is being designed and produced by Talgo.

Expected to become the European reference for the trains of the future, ICE L can operate at a top commercial speed of 230km/h.

The new Talgo trains are anticipated to bolster DB’s fleet in the second half of 2024.

Designed to be international and interoperable, the ICE L trains will run on domestic routes in Germany besides linking Germany with the Netherlands, Austria, and the Swiss border.

To lower the current travel time, the new trains will operate on the international route between Berlin and Amsterdam.

These trains will be fitted with locomotive-hauled coaches.

DB CEO Micheal Peterson said: “We are making rail travels even more inclusive and comfortable. In addition to level access, our customers will also experience the new ICE interior design on the ICE L. A living room atmosphere on rails is only possible when travelling with Deutsche Bahn.”

Compatible with other locomotives including both electric and diesel, the ICE L trains will comprise a multi-system locomotive and 17 passenger cars.

These trains will have 562 seats, consisting of 85 first-class and 477 second-class seats.

Some technical features of the new trains include step-free access to all doors from standard platforms with a height of 760mm, information monitors in entryways, and seating areas displaying real-time data.

The trains will also have Wi-Fi and onboard entertainment, an onboard restaurant passenger car with a bar and grouped seats, as well as a separate area for small children and families with a play area for children and storage spaces for strollers.

In 2019, Talgo received €550m worth of order from Deutsche Bahn for 23 composition trains, including one locomotive and 17 passenger cars.

Talgo CEO Gonzalo Urquijo Fernández de Araoz said: “A new model of passenger service will be inaugurated with the new ICE L and is set to become a benchmark in the dynamic European market.”