Stadler has received a new order for its FLIRT Akku trains from DB Regio, a subsidiary of Deutsche Bahn that operates regional and commuter train services in Germany.

The FLIRT Akku is a battery-operated version of the FLIRT type series and has the capacity to run on non-electrified and partially electrified tracks.

Stadler is establishing its presence in alternative drive technologies in Germany with the latest order, which is said to be the third received by the company for its battery-operated vehicles.

Over the next five years, Stadler plans to deliver at least 113 vehicles of this kind.

From December 2026, the two-part vehicles for Mecklenburg-Vorpommern will enter passenger service, and 14 trains will also be used in the north-east of Germany.

DB Regio Northeast chairman Carsten Moll said: “With the battery-electric multiple units, which will replace diesel vehicles, we are taking an important step towards climate neutrality with the state.

“As DB Regio, we are proud to put the first environmentally friendly network of this type into operation in Mecklenburg-Western Pomerania.”

By the end of 2026, Deutsche Bahn will start using these battery-operated vehicles on the H-network in Mecklenburg-Vorpommern region, which was earlier served by diesel-operated vehicles.

The word ‘H-network’ refers to the use of electrical battery-hybrid vehicles, which are claimed to be emission-free and can be used without catenaries throughout the entire network.

Stadler noted that its two-part vehicles of the type FLIRT Akku will be put into use for 13 years and customised to meet the requirements of the rail network running along part of the Baltic Sea coast.

Stadler Germany CEO Jure Mikolčić said: “With this new order for battery-operated vehicles from the Deutsche Bahn, we have further consolidated our market leadership in the field of alternative drives.

“If we consider the average life of a rail vehicle of around 30 years, battery-operated vehicles are more cost-effective than diesel-operated trains.”

Last November, Stadler received an order from DB Regio to supply 44 FLIRT battery-powered multiple units.