Slovenian state rail operator Slovenske Železnice has exercised an option under a previous contract to order 26 additional FLIRT multiple units from Stadler.

The latest order, which will include a combination of single and double-deck trains, is valued at more than €150m.

Slovenske Železnice placed an initial order of 26 single and double-decker multiple units in April last year in a bid to modernise rail transport in Slovenia.

The latest order, which increases the fleet to 52 trains, will comprise 16 three-car diesel-electric trains (DMU) and ten four-car electric trains (EMU).

Both the configurations are approved for operations in Slovenia, Croatia and Austria, as Slovenske Železnice intends to use them for cross-border services.

Stadler Central and Eastern Europe sales manager Zeljko Davidovic said: “We are very pleased that the Slovenian state rail operator is expanding its fleet to a total of 52 trains.

“The procurement of a coordinated range of different vehicles is exemplary and will make rail travel in Slovenia and neighbouring countries safer, more comfortable and more environmentally friendly.”

Capable of running at a maximum speed of 140kmph, the three-car diesel-electric FLIRT DMU trains will be designed for regional operations. They will include an additional car module and power pack, which features the diesel engines and part of the drive equipment.

The configuration of the four-car electric FLIRT trains will be similar to the vehicles ordered in the initial contract.

These trains can operate at a maximum speed of 160kmph and will be equipped with three different power systems for cross-border operations.

The new trains are expected to begin operations from October 2021.