Siemens Mobility has won two contracts from Australia’s New South Wales (NSW) Government to upgrade the rail network in Sydney.

The total value of both the contracts is nearly $147.26m (A$190m).

This modernisation project will focus on enhancing the efficiency and capacity of the rail network.

The contracts include two key packages, notably covering the installation of a new traffic management system (TMS), and transforming the Sydney Trains’ network conventional signalling to a digital ETCS-L2 train control system.

The work will be executed under the NSW government’s Digital Systems Programme, which aims to replace outdated signalling and train control technologies with modern ones.

The systems will become operational in 2023.

Siemens Mobility CEO Michael Peter said: “Siemens Mobility is delighted to have been selected to deliver the services that will modernise and optimise the Sydney rail network. Our state-of-the-art traffic management and signalling technology will augment operations throughout the network by increasing service reliability and availability, which will enhance the passenger experience.

“This important project further underscores our leading position in the field for delivering automated signalling systems and expands our growing footprint in Australia.”

Siemens stated that the TMS will be merged with the new European Train Control System (ETCS) Level 2 technology.

Furthermore, the Digital Systems Programme upgrades will increase the frequency and reliability of the services.

The upgrade work will enable as many as 24 trains to run during peak times and up to 30 trains an hour for recovery from interruptions.

As part of the project, automatic train operation (ATO) will also be implemented for providing assistance to drivers, which will result in the enhancement of operations and reduction in travel time.

The TMS solution will keep a track of all the trains continuously, give assistance in case of an accident, and help the trains to operate on a timely basis.

The solution will work in conjunction with other systems used by Sydney Trains to control train operations and be run from the Rail Operations Centre.