Paribus Group unit Paribus Rail Investment Management has signed a framework purchase agreement and a full-service contract with Siemens Mobility for up to 30 Vectron Dual Mode locomotives.

Another Paribus Group unit, Northrail, has also placed a call for seven locomotives.

The rental contracts for these locomotives have already been concluded with German railway firms.

These seven locomotives will be supplied in September 2021 and are expected to provide freight transport services in Germany.

As agreed, Siemens Mobility will offer full service for the locomotives for nearly two decades.

Paribus settled and structured the investment for a private equity investment company RIVE Private Investment.

Siemens Mobility Northeast Europe region CEO Gerhard Greiter said: “The Vectron Dual Mode is an innovative investment in the future of rail freight transport. As a sustainable alternative to conventional diesel locomotives, the Vectron Dual Mode can flexibly switch from diesel to electric operation on electrified stretches.”

Built on the Vectron platform and components, the Vectron Dual Mode locomotive has a track gauge of 1,435mm and weighs around 90t.

Equipped with a PZB train protection system, the locomotive can operate at a top speed of 160km/h.

The Vectron Dual Mode locomotive runs on a 15kV AC voltage system and its fuel tank can hold 2,600l of diesel.

In both operating approaches, the traction power at the wheel rim stands at around 2,000kW.

In 2019, Paribus signed a framework agreement with Siemens Mobility for 25 Smartron locomotives.

Around 16 locomotives from this agreement have currently been called up.

Earlier this month, Taiwan Railways Administration awarded a $281.67m (€231m) contract to Siemens Mobility for the execution of the Taiwan Railway Smart Electrical Systems Upgrade and Signalling Interlocking System Update Project.