Swiss Federal Railways (SBB) has collaborated with Cervello and Fincons Group to safeguard its railway command and control systems throughout Switzerland against cybersecurity risks.

As per the agreement, Cervello will enable SBB to have complete visibility and control of operational assets, procedures, and infrastructure. The aim is to offer comprehensive protection and coverage of railway networks.

The implementation of Cervello’s technology is part of SBBs’ plan to provide safe transportation for its travellers.

Fincons Group will serve as a system integrator and offer local technical support to SBB.

SBB is said to be one of the first railways across the globe to implement a ‘full-scale’ and ‘cross-country’ cybersecurity protection stategy for its complete rail command and controls network.

The Cervello Platform is said to easily integrate with any rail infrastructure to facilitate efficient monitoring of the fleet’s operational network.

This includes rolling stocks, telecommunications, signalling, as well as other control systems.

The company’s patented technology enables early detection of potential or existing cyber threats.

SBB Israel technology innovation outpost head Rama Marcus said: “Following the recent string of ever-evolving cyber threats worldwide, we see cybersecurity as an essential part of our commitment to the safety of our passengers.

“We are very pleased to have the opportunity to benefit from Cervello expertise. We consider the Cervello Platform to be an effective, comprehensive and advanced railway cybersecurity solution available today.”

Last year in April, SBB placed a $1.42bn order with Stadler for a further 60 InterRegio (IR) double-deck trains.