Australia’s New South Wales (NSW) Government has announced the completion of a $27m (A$40m) upgrade project on the South Coast Line.

The project involved overhauling 13km of railway track to support bigger freight movements.

NSW Minister for Regional Transport and Roads Sam Farraway stated that the completion of the project will help additional freight movement, supporting the local economy.

Larger freight trains are expected to start running on the line by the end of this month.

Farraway said: “Rail freight is the most sustainable and cost-effective way to transport large quantities over long distances. One 600m-long train can carry the equivalent load of more than 54 trucks and enough wheat to make more than 250,000 loaves of bread.

“With growing freight demand along the South Coast rail line, being able to increase capacity will make a significant difference, allowing users to reach markets quickly and efficiently.

The minister expects that the upgrade will help in delivering an additional 350,000 tonnes of rail freight annually using the South Coast Line.

Sydney-based agribusiness Manildra Group is one of the businesses which is expected to benefit from the upgrade.

Manildra Group national transport and logistics manager Mark Ownes said: “The track upgrade to 25t axle loading between Berry to Bomaderry and the tunnels between Kiama and Berry allows our company to operate heavier and longer rail services through the network.”

Last month, NSW Government allocated an additional A$2bn to support the construction of the Sydney Metro City and Southwest project.