UK Train operator Northern has announced it will use Growth Flag, a data intelligence platform for insight into supply chains of businesses working for the rail industry and businesses based near station premises.

Developed by Growth Company and Red Flag Alert, the platform can also assist Northern in understanding what encourages customers to use rail.

“Growth Flag brings together Red Flag Alert’s background in data insights, with the Growth Company’s expertise in delivering inclusive and environmentally sustainable growth,” Richard Jeffery, founder-partner of Growth Flag.

“The tool offers a unique opportunity for businesses to gain an in-depth understanding of where growth is taking place across the UK, highlighting opportunities in areas that may not have been previously considered.

“This is a very exciting partnership, and we look forward to supporting Northern to incorporate this insight into its vision and strategy going forward.”

Northern is the second largest train operator in the UK and offers 2,500 services per day to over 500 stations in the North of England.

Owned by Northern Trains, a subsidiary of the Department for Transport’s public sector owning group DOHL, there is a focus on the provision of passenger rail services. DOHL has responsibility for two other rail companies in the UK, LNER and SE Trains (‘Southeastern’).