Austrian local railway operator Stern & Hafferl has awarded a contract to deliver 11 metre-gauge Tramlink V3 light rail vehicles (LRVs) for use in the Upper Austrian town of Gmunden to Vossloh.

Three of the new LRVs will be used by Stern & Hafferl for the Vöcklamarkt to Attersee branch line.

The remaining units will be used on tram line in Gmunden, Upper Austria, and on the Gmunden to Vorchdorf line, which will be linked to allow transit between Vorchdorf and Gmunden town centre.

"The modular vehicles are equipped with the latest technology for acceleration and deceleration."

Vossloh will also provide maintenance services for the entire fleet for a period of 16 years. Vossloh Electrical Systems will serve as the consortium head and will supply the complete electrics for the vehicles.

Works such as developing and manufacturing the powesr, electrical, vehicle control and air conditioning system will be handled by Vossloh Kiepe Austria.

The design and assembly of the bidirectional trams will be performed by Vossloh Rail Vehicles at its Albuixech facility in Valencia, Spain.

Powered by four 100kW motors fed by 600-750V dc electrification, the 32m-long and 2.4m wide meter-gauge trams have five low-floor sections in a Bo-2-Bo wheel arrangement.

The bi-directional LRVs can accommodate around 183 passengers and can operate up to a maximum speed of 70kmph.

The modular high-duty vehicles are equipped with the latest technology for optimum acceleration and deceleration, best-possible passenger comfort and maximum safety.

Delivery of the first tram to the town of Gmunden will take place by the end of 2015.