Thales has secured a contract from the IHI Corporation to re-signal the automated people mover (APM) at Hong Kong international airport.

Under the deal, Thales will deliver its radio-based SelTrac communications-based train control (CBTC) system on existing lines and on a planned extension to the Midfield Concourse, which will service a third runway.

IHI Transportation System Project Division general manager Tsutomu Hoshii said the company is confident that, in partnership with Thales, it can deliver the project to the full satisfaction of customers at the Hong Kong airport.

The CBTC technology will also installed on both existing and new trains running on the line, with the project scheduled to be completed by 2014.

The company noted that the SelTrac CBTC system is supplied by Thales’ competence centre in Toronto, and will provide operators with increased system capacity, low operating and maintenance costs, and proven driverless technology. The system is applicable to any type or size of rolling stock and dedicated guideway, and are flexible and adaptable to meet customers’ modern signalling needs.

Thales claimed SelTrac CBTC offers the opportunity to enhance performance and safety, and lower life-cycle costs. The system will move more people more quickly and is now in service on over 1,200km of track in major urban centres, carrying an estimated three billion passengers, the company said.

SelTrac addresses the diverse requirements of operators needing basic automatic train protection (ATP), cab-signalling, or CBTC-based operations, the company said. The offering will enable various functions, including replacing existing signalling and improving the headway performance of an existing fixed-block system.

SelTrac applications include moving block technology for unattended / driverless operation, which can deliver headways of under 60 seconds – better than normally required.

Thales stated that the current deal will help it expand its footprint in Hong Kong, following delivery of four projects with Seltrac CBTC systems to the West Rail Line, Kowloon Southern Link, Disneyland Resort Line and Ma On Shan Rail Line.