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Swiss train manufacturer Stadler Rail has established an Australian subsidiary to support its planned expansion into Australia and the Asia-Pacific region.

Sydney-based Stadler Australia will participate in tenders and develop its market in the country.

The company also intends to form a joint venture to undertake final assembly using rolling stock components supplied from Europe to Australia by sea.

The move is part of a ‘strategic repositioning’ of the company, which aims to enter new market segments such as high-speed vehicles, underground trains and locomotives.

"Australia and the Asia-Pacific region present Stadler Rail with exceptional new business opportunities."

The Australian Government currently intends to invest funds in transport infrastructure and strengthen the development of rail transport.

The company expects to cash-in on the growing demand for fast, modern and lightweight aluminium trains, trams and light rail vehicles in Australia and the Asia-Pacific region.

Stadler Group executive board member and marketing and sales head Peter Jenelten said: "Australia and the Asia-Pacific region present Stadler Rail with exceptional new business opportunities."

In the coming months, the Swiss firm will participate in a number of tenders in Australia and the Asia-Pacific region.

Jenelten added: "The new Australian Prime Minister Malcolm Turnbull’s announcement that the government wants to invest federal funds in the transport infrastructure for the first time ever is an important development.

"These funds will be used to launch new rail transport projects across the entire continent. Add to this a number of projects that were already underway prior to this announcement. That is why, for Stadler Rail, this is the perfect time to enter the Australian market."

Stadler previously focused on continental Europe and was greatly impacted by the debt crisis in 2010, as well as the currency shocks in 2012 and 2015.

Earlier this month, German transport technology company Vossloh has signed a contract to sell its rail vehicles business unit in Spain to Stadler Rail.

Under the deal, Stadler agreed to make a cash payment of €48m, as well as take over debt liabilities of €124m.

Image: Stadler Rail officials at their new subsidiary in Australia. Photo: courtesy of Stadler Rail.