SBS Transit has begun passenger service on the Siemens-equipped driverless underground metro line, Downtown Line 1 (DTL1), in Singapore.

Designed to transport up to 500,000 passengers per day, the double-track metro line will be commissioned in three phases.

The first section of 4km, connecting the financial district to the Chinatown shopping district, comprises six stations and six trains.

"The underground metro line project is part of the government’s Master Plan 2030 programme."

The 16km connection of the northwestern districts of Singapore to the central business district with 12 stations will be completed in 2016.

The third section comprises around 21km of track in the eastern part, and is scheduled for completion in 2017.

Siemens supplied the automatic train control system Trainguard Sirius CBTC and Trackguard Westrace MK2 electronic interlockings for all three sections of the line.

Trainguard Sirius CBTC uses Communication Based Train Control technology to allow driverless operation.

For fully automated train operation in unattended mode, operations control system Controlguide Rail 9000 Automatic Train Supervision (ATS) is used, along with trackside and onboard equipment.

Siemens also equipped the traction power supply system for 750 VDC for the electrification of the entire line.

Sitras TCI Inverters recover electrical energy during the braking of the trains and feeds back into the medium-voltage power system for all other electrical loads.

The underground metro line project is part of the government’s Master Plan 2030 programme announced in 2008 to keep pace with Singapore’s growing transport needs.