eLTE Urban Railway Communications System

Huawei has been selected to install the eLTE urban communication system on the Addis Ababa Light Rail Transit in Ethiopia.

The Addis Ababa Light Rail Transit project will have an effective three-dimensional communications network infrastructure, as the subsystems will offer multi-service bearing, surveillance, data storage and electrified communications.

The urban mass transit communication system includes multiple technologies, such as fixed network, eLTE wireless network, IP telephony and high-definition video surveillance.

Huawei’s wireless network subsystem employs ultra-broadband technology to support wireless dispatching, unified transmission of ticketing traffic and other traffic from services that require high bandwidth.

"The project has received a $475m investment from the Ethiopian Government."

The subsystem also supports a nine-level hierarchical quality of service that provides broadband internet and a real-time, secure and reliable train-to-ground wireless communications platform.

Phase I of the project includes the launch of 31km-long south-north and east-west railway lines with a control centre and 39 stations.

The project has received a $475m investment from the Ethiopian Government.

Being developed by China Railway Eryuan Engineering Group, the project will operate trains at a speed of 80km/h, when completed in January 2015.

Image: Huawei to deploy eLTE urban railway communications system in Ethiopia. Photo: courtesy of Huawei Technologies.