Wheel and Brake monitoring systems

Australian train operator Sydney Trains has awarded a supply contract for advanced automated wheel and brake monitoring systems to UK-based DeltaRail.

The move forms a part of the company’s asset condition monitoring strategy.

Sydney Trains operational technology programme delivery manager Pascal Labouze said: "This project is part of our five-year condition monitoring strategy and will be an enabler towards transforming us to an intelligent railway.

"The project will also deliver substantial efficiency benefits to our organisation and we are excited to work with a DeltaRail on delivering these benefits."

"Many automated wheel and brake systems fail to deliver the anticipated operational benefits."

Scope of the contract includes the installation of DeltaRail’s VIEW automated inspection technology at multiple sites, which is expected to lower operating costs whilst maintaining/improving safety.

The wheel and brake monitoring systems are designed to identify wheel and brake pad wear rates, wheel profile and defects, as well as missing components. The systems also analyse trends to identify issues such as high wear rates, failed brake actuators and many more.

The data will integrate with Sydney Trains’ existing management systems including Wayside Information Management System and Network Management System.

It can also be viewed on mobile devices.

DeltaRail CEO Anna Matthews said: "Many automated wheel and brake systems on the market fail to deliver the anticipated operational benefits. We recognised this some time ago and have invested in delivering the world class accuracy, reliability and data architecture required to overcome these operational issues. "

Image: DeltaRail to supply wheel and brake monitoring systems to Sydney Trains. Photo: courtesy of © DeltaRail Group Limited