French transport group Alstom has received a €40m contract from an Italian construction company Cooperativa Muratori e Cementisti (CMC) to supply sub-systems to modernise the Milan-Desio-Seregno suburban tram.

Alstom will manage design, supply and installation of the tracks, electrical traction sub-stations, signalling and telecommunications system.

Its site in Guidonia, which specialises in designing and producing railway infrastructure systems, will manage the project. It will collaborate with Alstom’s centre of excellence for railway signalling in Bologna, Italy.

"The 14.3km line will become operational by the end of 2016."

The French transport group will use Appitrack to reduce on-site working times and limit inconvenience for local residents and passengers. It will also equip the line with the harmonic and energy-saving optimiser technology (Hesop).

Hesop is a reversible sub-station that enables unused braking energy produced by the trams to be re-injected into the electricity distribution network. It will recover up to 99% of the braking energy.

Alstom will also supply the signalling system equipped with an automatic train supervision system (ATS) to ensure safety and security of passengers, and provide control of traffic circulation for the operator.

ATS will also help operators to identify anomalies such as items left in critical areas using the intelligent high definition cameras.

The 14.3km line will become operational by the end of 2016.