Swedish construction firm NCC has received an Skr265m (€25.3m) contract for the preparatory work for the new Rissne station on the Tvärbanan light rail line.

The contract was awarded by Stockholm Public Transport (SL) and the City of Sundbyberg.

The Kista line in Tvärbanan will operate between Ulvsunda and Helenelund across Stockholm, Sundbyberg and Sollentuna, as well as have ten new stations.

NCC will be responsible for the mains/pipelines relocation, railway substructure work, and rock blasting/excavation.

The company will also widen a bridge over the subway line and remove current bridges and pedestrian and bike tunnel.

NCC Infrastructure regional manager Ingegerd Simonsson said: “This type of project is well suited to NCC. We have long-standing experience in complex civil engineering works and implementing projects in very busy urban environments.

“We are planning this project to ensure traffic safety for the public and that the work environment is safe for our employees.”

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The work has already started and is expected to complete in October 2022.

In September 2019, NCC won an Skr900m ($92.8m) contract from Hordaland County Council in Norway to build a new section of the Bergen Light Rail.

According to the contract, NCC is responsible for the construction of the D14 Mindemyren segment of the Bergen Light Rail line.

In January, NCC received a contract from Stockholm Public Transport (SL) to increase the capacity of the Roslagsbanan light rail line.

Under the Skr280m ($31.06m) design-build contract, NCC constructed a 2.1km-long double track between Täby kyrkby and Kragstalund stations.