LTG Infra seeks contractor to construct longest railway bridge in the Baltic region

29 December 2020 (Last Updated December 29th, 2020 17:18)

LTG Infra has launched Rail Baltica project’s second round of a tender seeking a contractor to help it construct a railway bridge over the river Neris near Jonava in Lithuania.

LTG Infra seeks contractor to construct longest railway bridge in the Baltic region
The company has claimed that the new bridge, which will be more than 1.5km long, will be the longest railway bridge in the Baltic States. Credit: RB Rail AS.

The company, which has undertaken the responsibility to execute the Rail Baltica project in Lithuania, claims that the new bridge will be over 1.5km long, making it the longest railway bridge in the Baltic region.

LTG Infra CEO Karolis Sankovski said: “The railway bridge over the river Neris will be the most technically complex engineering construction of the Rail Baltica railway project. This will be the longest bridge not only in Lithuania but also in all Baltic States. Another engineering challenge is that there will not be single support in the water, and so the selected construction contractor will face a serious challenge in this task.”

As of now, the longest bridge in Lithuania spans 599 metres and lies across the river Dubysa near Lyduvėnai. The longest bridge for vehicular traffic, which is 494 metres long, goes over the Nemunas river near Jurbarkas.

The longest span on the bridge between supports as it crosses the waters is measured to be 150 metres.

As per the terms of the contract, the contractor needs to carry out landscape modifications and reconstruct nearby water delivery and drainage systems.

Moreover, the contractor is also required to install noise suppressing barriers and other engineering networks.

The new bridge will be linked to Rail Baltica’s new 1,435 mm width gauge railway stretch running between Kaunas and the Lithuanian-Latvian border.

Rail Baltica, which is valued at around €5.8bn, is the largest railway infrastructure project in the region.

Under this project, an electrified European standard gauge two-way railway line will be put together to pass through Warsaw, Kaunas, Riga and Tallinn.

Recently, Rail Baltica selected OÜ Reaalprojekt and Nord Projekt for designing its largest rolling stock depot in Estonia.

As many as six bidders contested in the design procurement of the rolling stock depot.