Japan-based Kawasaki Heavy Industries has signed a contract with a North American Class 1 railroad for the delivery of remote track monitoring services with information and communication technology (ICT).

This marks the first time that Kawasaki will provide such services in North America.

According to the contract, the locomotives will be loaded with monitoring devices, along with the company offering a remote track monitoring service for maintenance.

To confirm the soundness of the track, inspections will be carried out by deploying dedicated track inspection cars. An inspector will also be present for visual inspection.

The company will install monitoring devices on rolling stocks, including sensors and cameras.

During normal service operations, these devices will measure and examine track parameters.

The devices will send a timely notification if a track anomaly is detected.

The company stated that track maintenance support may also be offered by forecasting maintenance timing on the basis of collected data.

In a statement, Kawasaki said: “Collecting data during normal service operations may decrease the frequency of inspections by dedicated track inspection cars and visual inspections by an inspector, and contribute not only to manpower and energy saving but also to cost saving.”

The devices will provide data on five track irregularities, including gauge, profile, alignment, cross-level, and twist.

Kawasaki added: “Kawasaki will continue to provide valuable services with ICT, including condition monitoring business as well as production and sales of rolling stocks, and will also contribute to the development of railway mobility.”

This March, Kawasaki shipped out six rolling stock cars for Bangladesh’s Dhaka MRT Line-6 from Kobe Port.

Following the completion of testing and commissioning, the rolling stock would be delivered to Dhaka Mass Transit Company Limited (DMTCL).