Transportation holding company Kansas City Southern (KCS) has implemented the Cloud-based CloudMoyo Operational Testing System (OTS) across all its rail subsidiaries in Mexico and the US.

CloudMoyo OTS uses the Microsoft Azure Cloud platform along with analytics, artificial intelligence and machine learning technologies.

It offers configurable master test plans that adhere to safe operating practices and comply the with regulations of both Mexico and the US Federal Railroad Administration. Its reporting and analysis features help to identify opportunities for safety improvements and better plan development.

The Cloud imports the General Code of Operating Rules (GCOR) and other rules libraries. This enables KCS to create master testing plans according to the unique needs of the region and location.

Kansas City Southern executive vice-president and chief innovation officer Brian Hancock said: “KCS’ vision is to consistently be the fastest-growing, best-performing and most customer-focused transportation provider in North America.

“Safety is first among KCS’ core values. The CloudMoyo OTS solution advances safety and compliance and, with the seamless user experience, it is already delivering a significant productivity boost for our workforce and helping drive operational efficiencies at KCS.”

CloudMoyo co-founder and CEO Manish Kedia said: “KCS is already recognised as an innovative and customer-focused leader in the rail and transportation industry.

“We are privileged to be a partner in the safety-first vision of KCS and thrilled to see the expanding footprint of our transportation management solutions across multiple locations and countries served by KCS.”

In May last year, KCS partnered with CloudMoyo to modernise its Management Control System (MCS), which operates the city’s railways.