Indian Prime Minister Narendra Modi has launched two rail projects worth over $350m (RS29bn) at Asarva, Ahmedabad in the state of Gujarat.

These projects are the Ahmedabad (Asarva)-Himmatnagar-Udaipur Gauge Converted Line and Lunidhar-Jetalsar Gauge Converted Line.

The Prime Minister also launched new trains between Bhavnagar-Jetalsar and Asarva-Udaipur.

The 300km long Ahmedabad (Asarva)-Himmatnagar-Udaipur Gauge Converted Line is designed to enhance connectivity besides benefitting tourists, traders, manufacturing units, and industries in the region.

The tribal areas of Gujarat and Rajasthan will be linked to Delhi and North India with the conversion of the 300km long rail line from Asarwa to Udaipur into a broad gauge.

With a length of around 58km, the Lunidhar-Jetalsar Gauge Converted Line will serve as a shorter route for Pipavav Port and Bhavnagar from Veraval and Porbandar.

Apart from decongesting the busy Kanalus – Rajkot – Viramgam route, this project will help improve freight carrying capacity in this section.

Furthermore, the line will enable better connectivity to Gir sanctuary, Somnath temple, Diu, and Girnar hills.

In a statement, Modi said: “When the government of double engine works, its effect is not only double, but it is manifold. Here one and one together are not two but assume the power of 11.

“With the double-engine government, the pace of work in Gujarat has not only increased, but it also got the strength to expand it.”