High Speed 2 (HS2) in the UK has unveiled the designs of an ‘automated people mover system’ that will connect Interchange Station in Solihull to Birmingham Airport.

The 2.3km-long driver-less transport system will see 20m-long vehicles run every three minutes. Once fully operational, it will be capable of carrying 2,100 passengers per hour in each direction in six minutes.

The vehicles will travel through an elevated viaduct, which will be 12m off the ground at its highest point. The entire route will feature two intermediate stops at Birmingham International Railway Station and the National Exhibition Centre (NEC) before terminating at Birmingham Airport.

All three stops will be fully accessible and colour-coded to facilitate passenger navigation. Passengers will receive live journey updates on HS2 and People Mover services through information screens and audio announcements.

The design of the automated vehicle is carried out in collaboration with the Urban Growth Company (UGC).

HS2 and UGC are currently working to finalise the scheme design, which will be followed by a public consultation, before its final submission to Solihull Metropolitan Borough Council for approval.

Additionally, HS2 is yet to finalise a vehicular system to operate the APM. However, the system will be maintained in a dedicated facility to be located along the viaduct on the eastern side of the M42 crossing.

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HS2 CEO Mark Thurston said: “HS2 is about connecting the country, and the people mover is another example of how we will do that.

“This entire area in the West Midlands, and the wider regions across the UK will be able to capitalise on the connectivity that Birmingham Interchange Station brings and the people mover is an integral part of this.”