Hitachi Rail, ScottishPower sign renewable energy deal
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Hitachi Rail and ScottishPower sign renewable energy deal

05 Nov 2021 (Last Updated November 5th, 2021 12:38)

According to the contract, ScottishPower will provide an estimated 21GW of electricity annually.

Hitachi Rail and ScottishPower sign renewable energy deal
The deal is expected to drive Hitachi Rail’s efforts to decarbonise their centres by 2030. Credit: Hitachi Rail.

ScottishPower has secured a contract to provide 100% renewable electricity to Hitachi Rail’s UK operations for the upcoming three years.

The energy firm will supply around 21GW of electricity to all of Hitachi Rail’s UK maintenance and manufacturing sites.

ScottishPower retail CEO Andrew Ward said: “Companies changing how they source energy, whether through Power Purchase Agreements or through top tier Renewable Energy Guarantees of Origin certificates like this one, will make a significant difference to the UK achieving its climate change targets.

“In making this change to green, clean electricity companies are also supporting the future growth of renewables across the UK, something which is much needed if the UK is to realise its climate ambition.

“With COP26 now well underway in Glasgow, we’re really pleased to be able to work with our fellow Principal Partner, Hitachi Rail, helping them to take major steps on their own decarbonisation journey and hopefully encouraging other companies to follow suit.”

As one of the country’s largest train manufacturers, Hitachi Rail manages more than 200 trains at depots across England, Scotland, and Wales.

Hitachi Rail’s regional, intercity and high-speed trains move commuters in the South East, South West, the East Coast and across Scotland’s Central Belt.

The company aims for carbon neutrality at all its sites by 2030, a goal that is expected to be supported by its alliance with ScottishPower.

It reduced its total global carbon emissions by over 30% in 2020.

Additionally, Italian transport firm Ferrovienord agreed to a $522m (€451m) third supply contract with Hitachi Rail STS for 50 high capacity ‘Caravaggio’ regional trains.

This contract was signed within the 2018 Framework Agreement.

The trains are slated to be delivered from October 2022 to October 2024.

Last month, Hitachi Rail España won an $856.95m (€737m) contract to maintain private high-speed rail operator ILSA’s train fleet.