France is reportedly looking to spend around €100bn by 2040 to improve its rail transport in the country.

This initiative is mainly aimed at extending and upgrading the rail network besides supporting the government’s goal of lowering carbon emissions.

According to France Prime Minister Elisabeth Borne, the funding will help roll out express commuter trains that are analogous to the Paris RER system in major cities.

This rail project will be implemented by the government with investments along with national train operator SNCF, European Union and local governments.

Borne was quoted by Reuters as saying: “Lacking access to transportation sometimes means having to give up a job offer, missing out on education, not seeing a loved one.”

President Macron’s government is also focusing on relaunching some of the country’s night trains for longer journeys.

The government plans also include the formation of regional train networks in around ten major cities in the country.

Last month, France and Germany jointly revealed plans for the launch of a Paris-Berlin high-speed service. 

This month, Wabtec, along with French national operator Fret SNCF and regional operator RDT13 (Régie des Transports des Bouches du Rhône), launched the MONITOR Project for the expansion of freight rail in Europe.

MONITOR is claimed to be the French Rail Freight of the Future (4F) coalition project to accelerate the rail freight sector development in Europe.