US-based Class III common carrier Eastern Maine Railway Company (EMR) has agreed to take over approximately 36.57 miles of the main line and nine miles of a branch line in Maine from Central Maine & Quebec Railway US (CMQR), owned by Canadian Pacific (CP).

EMR filed a verified notice of exemption under 49 CFR 1150.41 in this regard.

The main line spreads between milepost 109 (Grindstone of Penobscot County) and milepost 72.43 (near Brownville in Piscataquis County).

The branch lines include the East Millinocket branch line from milepost 0.0 to milepost 7.72, as well as the Millinocket branch line from milepost 104.65 southward 1.2 miles to the end of the track.

EMR will also purchase all other associated yard, spur, siding, and other track along the main line between mileposts 109 and 72.43.

As per the verified notice, EMR will acquire incidental trackage rights on CMQR between milepost 72.43 (near Brownville) and the connection of CMQR’s track with an EMR rail line in the vicinity of the Brownville Junction.

The Maine Northern Railway Company (MNRC) currently owns overhead trackage rights over the line. Subject to these overhead trackage rights, EMR is acquiring the line.

According to the notice, “EMR certifies that the proposed acquisition and operation of the line does not involve a provision or agreement that may limit future interchange with a third-party connecting carrier.

“EMR further certifies that its projected annual revenues as a result of this transaction will not exceed the maximum revenue of a Class III rail carrier and will not exceed $5m.”