Deutsche Bahn (DB) has completely transformed the S8 line in Berlin with the deployment of next-generation trains developed and built by Stadler Germany and Siemens Mobility.

The new 483/484 series trains with six cars are presently engaged in daily service.

Modern trains with flat fronts are already running on three of Berlin’s S-Bahn line.

The new trains feature more security cameras and provide additional space for wheelchair users, strollers, and bicycles.

The S8 line, which is used by around 60,000 passengers, has been expanded from Birkenwerder to Wildau through Zeuthen during peak traffic hours.

Along with the S46, the two lines now provide environmentally friendly connections to the nearby Studentenstadt. 

Berlin and Brandenburg states have financed the extension of S-Bahn services, in addition to increasing the capacity of the system.

The new trains are developed for the Ring sub-network as part of the transport contract that is effective from January last year.

The first train initially entered service on the S47 line on New Year’s eve of 2020/21 and on the S46 line during the end of June this year.

In cooperation with VBB, earlier-delivered trains are operating on the S45 line before their planned use on other lines.

A total of 106 two-car trains will operate across Berlin following the delivery of all the trains by Siemens and Stadler at the end of next year.

Siemens Mobility rolling stock CEO Albrecht Neumann said: “With the punctual introduction of the new S-Bahn trains on the S8 line, the Berlin public can look forward to more seats, an improved ride experience, and greater comfort.

“The trains of the new 483/484 series, manufactured by Siemens and Stadler, are not only impressively reliable but also feature state-of-the-art, energy-efficient drive technology.”