Bombardier’s Chinese joint venture (JV) Bombardier Sifang (Qingdao) Transportation (BST) has secured a $324m high-speed train car supply contract from China Railway (CRC).

Under the contract, BST will supply 120 CR400AF new Chinese standard high-speed train cars configured into five eight-car trainsets and five 16-car trainsets.

Bombardier Transportation China president Jianwei Zhang said: “We are very proud to be qualified, through the joint venture BST, to supply the new generation of high-speed railway CR400.

“In China, high-speed trains have changed people’s life dramatically, it helps to close the distance between villages and cities, bridge the gaps between rural and urbans, and speed up the economic growth.

“CRC is one of Bombardier’s most important customers and also our long-term strategic partner.”

Capable of running with an operating speed of 350km/h, the train cars will be delivered to CRC by the end of this year, starting this month.

“In China, high-speed trains have changed people’s life dramatically.”

Bombardier Transportation owns 50% stake in BST, while CRRC Sifang has the remaining interest.

In China, Bombardier Transportation has six JVs and seven wholly foreign-owned enterprises.

Overall, the JVs supplied more than 3,500 railway passenger cars, 580 electric locomotives and around 2,000 metro cars, monorails and trams to China’s railway market.

Last month, Bombardier signed an agreement with Malaysian Industry-Government Group for High Technology (MIGHT) to develop the country’s railways.

It will help small and medium sized Malaysian firms bolster their rail industry skills.