US-based freight transportation provider BNSF Railway Company has revealed its plan to invest $3.96bn this year to improve its operations.

The proposed investment will allow the firm to operate safely and offer enhanced services to its customers.

Out of the total investment, $2.85bn will be used to maintain the company’s core network infrastructure and associated equipment.

The maintenance works will help the network to remain in good shape as well as speed up its functioning by reducing unscheduled service outages, according to BNSF.

It will see the replacement and improvement of various rail and track infrastructure such as ballast and rail ties along with the maintenance of its rolling stock. 

As part of the project, around 14,000 miles of track surfacing and undercutting work will be carried out. Overall, 346 miles of rail and nearly 2.8 million rail ties will also be replaced.

Besides, BNSF has earmarked $402m from the investment plan for purchasing equipment, while more than $700m will be used for expansion and efficiency improvement works.

BNSF also has plans to commence the construction of a second bridge over the Missouri River at Sibley and complete the double track along Southern Transcon with an aim to ease traffic on its Southern Transcon route.

It will also add new tracks in parts of Eastern Kansas and Southern California.

Furthermore, BNSF’s investment plan includes the development of a multi-year terminal and fuelling project close to Belen, New Mexico, buying of property in the Barstow area, among others.

BNSF president and CEO Katie Farmer said: “Our capital plan reflects our growth mindset and commitment to having the capacity and equipment we need to support our customers.

“Continued investment in our network through our capital plans helps ensure we run a safe, efficient and growing railroad that provides customers with the service they expect from BNSF.”

In October last year, BNSF announced that it would invest more than $1.5bn to build a new integrated rail facility in Southern California.