The University of Birmingham’s Birmingham Centre for Railway Research and Education (BCRRE) has entered a memorandum of understanding (MoU) with RazorSecure for the improvement of railway cyber security.

Under the agreement, BCRRE and RazorSecure will focus on solving specific hurdles linked to cyber security.

These include monitoring signalling solutions in the UK and EU railways as well as threat detection for railway systems.

Besides, a common body of knowledge will be set up to educate on cyber security in the railway sector besides incorporating cyber security within safety and regulatory requirements.

RazorSecure CEO Alex Cowan said: “By partnering with BCRRE, we are able to expand and enhance our solution portfolio, by developing new innovative technology designed specifically to meet the unique challenges faced by the rail industry.”

BCRRE-led UK Rail Research and Innovation Network’s Centre of Excellence in Digital Systems focuses on railway control and operations simulation, condition monitoring and sensing, and data integration and cyber security.

Its rail cyber security laboratories are engaged in the development and trial of solutions for ‘real world’ operational systems.

They also focus on the identification of new explanations via theoretical background evidence, transferring the data into actionable tools.

Based in Basingstoke, RazorSecure delivers cyber-security solutions, including onboard and trackside applications, for the rail industry.

BCRRE rail cyber security technical lead and Dr Richard James Thomas said: “This partnership with RazorSecure puts us at the forefront of rail cyber security R&D, working closely with the rail supply chain and train operators to identify and develop new solutions that address key questions, in addition to providing the necessary information, skills and content required to cultivate the necessary maturity and cyber security knowledge for the sector.”