The Government of Western Australia has revealed the designs of the A$54m ($36.9m) Australind railcars, part of an A$1.25bn programme of replacement.

The new three-car trains feature updated interior, USB connection points, Wi-Fi and improved kiosk. The trains also have an upright storage that can accommodate 16 bicycles, as well as three toilets.

Construction of the Australind railcars will take place in Bellevue. The government expects them to be delivered between 2022 and 2023.

Current trainsets had a life of 30 years. They require replacing due to corrosion of the trainsets, which led to the cancellation of services.

To reduce the effect on passengers using the Australind service, the government plans to launch Australind Action Plan.

The government will trial non-stop road coach service from Bunbury. Coaches will set off on weekdays at 6am and return to the station in the evening.

This service will help the passengers travel using a fast, non-stop road coach service.

Through a credit programme, passengers will receive credit for their next train fare if they experience delays through issues such as maintenance and rolling stock failure.

Western Australia premier Mark McGowan said: “The two new Australind trains, each consisting of a three-car set, will be built in Western Australia by Western Australians.

“The sleek new design will make the journey between Perth and Bunbury more comfortable for residents and tourists alike, encouraging more people to visit our South-West region.”

In 2018, the government selected Bellevue as the preferred location to build a new A$1.6bn Metronet railcar manufacturing facility.