French multinational rolling stock corporation Alstom has signed a contract with Koleje Mazowieckie, a regional rail operator in the Mazovian Voivodeship in Poland, to carry out P5 maintenance of 37 Twindexx double-deck coaches.

The agreement, worth €15.6m ($16.9m), covers 37 double-deck coaches. Coaches will be inspected for the condition of components and assemblies, along with their partial disassembly from the coach, replacement and repair. The contract also includes additional work, the supply of mono-block wheels and their replacement, according to Alstom. 

Masovian Voivodeship is a region in central-eastern Poland, which includes the Polish capital Warsaw. 

Czesław Sulima, head of the management board and operations director of Masovian Railways, said: “The double-deck coaches were the first railroad vehicles of this type purchased by the regional government of the Masovian Voivodeship for Masovian Railways. As a result, push-pull trains were launched as the first in Poland.

“These trains successfully serve designated routes in Mazovia, as well as ‘Słoneczny’ or ‘Słoneczny – BIS’ trains running from Warsaw to the seaside in the summer season.”

37 Twindexx Alstom coaches have been operated by Masovian Railways since 2008. In addition to Poland, Twindexx coaches are also operated in Belgium, Denmark, Germany, Israel, Luxembourg, Switzerland and the US. 

It is the second deal Alstom has announced in Poland this week. 

Slawomir Cyza, CEO and Managing Director of Alstom in Poland, Ukraine and Baltic States, said: “Modern, low emission rolling stock is key to the development of regional and suburban railway. Double-deck coaches play an important role and are characterised by high capacity, ideal for lines serving high passenger traffic.”

The maintenance project will be undertaken between 2023 and 2025 in accordance with the quality, reliability and technical safety requirements of the IRIS standard.