Alstom has completed the installation of a new signalling system in the renovated Saint Martin Line Viaduct in Buenos Aires, Argentina.

The installation of a new signalling system will enable the operator to manage signalling operations on the 6km of new track between the Palermo and Villa del Parque stations.

The new system is also compatible with the future electrification of the San Martin Line.

Alstom was contracted by Autopistas Urbanas (AUSA) for the installation of the signalling system for the new viaduct.

The scope of works included the design, development, installation, testing and commissioning of the new signalling system. The installation of a new interlock on the 5km section between the Palermo and La Paternal stations was also part of the work package.

Alstom commenced its work last year with the mobilisation and installation phase of equipment.

The testing, validation and commissioning of the system were carried out while the Covid-19 related restrictions were in place.

Alstom Argentina country managing director Ernesto Garberoglio said: “It is important to highlight the Alstom Argentina team because this was a different project for everyone. We were used to working inside the subway in tunnel activities, but the viaduct project was completely different because we faced especially the Covid-19 pandemic, adverse weather conditions and high-altitude work with a high risk, but we overcome all the obstacles we encounter.

“I also highlight the willpower, experience and leadership of this Alstom team to make the best decisions in the most adverse situations on the project, and always with a sense of urgency.”

Alstom Argentina will also provide technical support for the new signalling system for 15 months from the start of operations.

Alstom recently commenced the validation test campaign for the Prima T8 AZ8A freight locomotives in Azerbaijan.