Alstom has reached a ten-year framework pact with Irish Rail (IE) for up to 750 new X’trapolis electric and battery-electric rail cars for the DART (Dublin Area Rapid Transit) network in Ireland.

A preliminary order for 19 five-car trains worth $304.47m (€270m) has already been made. This also covers a 15-year support services contract.

Of these 19 trains, 13 are battery-electric multiple units (BEMUs) while six are electric multiple units (EMUs).

Using battery power, these can operate beyond 80km outside the electrified network.

These trains, expected to become operational in 2025, will be supplied under the DART+ Programme.

This programme has received financial aid from the National Transport Authority as part of the National Development Plan 2021-2030.

Alstom said in a statement: “Energy stored in the battery system will be replenished via fast charging stations at chosen terminus locations and by recovering braking energy while the train is in motion. This capability will deliver emission-free connectivity and capacity ahead of electrification of the full DART+ network.”

For 15 years, the company will offer technical backing and spare components to the DART fleet.

It will also install its HealthHub and TrainScanner solutions to provide predictive maintenance.

With a capacity to accommodate 550 passengers, each 82m train will feature wide, walk-though gangways, low-level floor, and an automatic retractable step.

The trains will also have charging facilities, dedicated cycle and family areas, advanced CCTV systems, and more.

Separately, Alstom has combined its communication-based train control signalling system Urbalis 400 with the CylusOne cybersecurity system from Cylus on the Tel-Aviv Red line in Israel.

The aim is to enhance protection of the track’s signalling and train control solutions.

Last week, a joint venture between Alstom and Hitachi secured a $2.6bn (£1.97bn) contract to build and maintain 54 electric trains for High Speed Two (HS2) Phase 1.