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With China on a mission to export its high-speed technology, the UK has been encouraging Chinese companies to bid for HS2 contracts. As the two countries gear up to collaborate more closely than ever before across a number of sectors, we investigate what the UK hopes to gain from China’s involvement in its high-speed programme.

We also find out how US rail operators are coping with the implementation of positive train control, and ask how Chicago’s rail congestion problem can be solved after previous efforts and investments have failed. Plus, we take a look at advanced software tools for rail tunnelling works, find out how Google Fiber and Indian Railways are working to bring WiFi to rail stations across the country, and explore a range of useful technologies being developed to help commuters take the rush out of rush hour.

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HS2: The UK Looks to China
Although the legislative process for the UK’s High-Speed 2 project is not yet complete, Chancellor George Osborne is already trying to woo Chinese investors. Gary Peters ask what Asia’s economic powerhouse has to offer the UK rail sector?
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Solving Chicago’s Rail Gridlock
Blighted with severe bottlenecks across its freight and passenger railway lines, Chicago has been dubbed "America’s rail traffic speed bump". Eva Grey explores new solutions that could solve the city’s problem once and for all.
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Breathing Space
With the original December deadline for installing positive train control systems across the US extended for a further three years, Gary Peters asks if the infrastructure will be ready when the revised deadline arrives.
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Model for Success
In this case study Dassault Systèmes explains how its software was used in the upgrade project underway at London’s Bond Street station to perform 3D numerical analyses ahead of main tunnelling works.
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Putting Freight on the Agenda
With a number of government reviews set to decide on the future of UK rail, Rail Freight Group executive director Maggie Simpson argues that the freight industry should have equal status with passenger traffic in these decision.
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Going Online
A partnership between Google and Indian Railways will see high-speed Wi-Fi deployed at 400 railway stations across the country. Eva Grey finds out more about the largest public Wi-Fi project in the country.
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Pick your Spot
Every commuter has their favourite trick to find the least-packed train carriage. Eva Grey takes a look new technologies and government initiatives helping commuters to navigate rush hour.
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Next issue preview

After selling its energy division to General Electric, Alstom is now re-focusing on rail and, to kick-start to this new era, the company used part of the proceeds to acquire GE Signalling. We find out more about Alstom’s new direction and ask where the strategy may lead in the coming years.

We also catch up with the Gotthard Base Tunnel project, the world’s longest railway tunnel which is currently in the testing phase ahead of a scheduled opening in June 2016, take a look at Germany-based Locomore’s plan to set up an alternative to Deutsche Bahn financed by crowdfunding, and find out how London Underground is tapping into waste energy from train brakes to produce power for its operations. Plus, we ask how the outcomes of the Paris climate change conference will affect the rail industry, and we take a look at the world’s most impressive railway heritage sites.

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