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Eloise Mclennan

Future Rail Magazine: Issue 59

In this issue: Double-decker trains in the UK, Columbia’s Bogotá metro line, training first responders, themed trains, and more

Future Rail: Issue 53

In this issue: Problems with the New York subway, Chinese manufacturing, Europe’s night services, third-generation trains, the barriers against start-ups, level crossings dangers, and more

Future Rail: Issue 37

In this issue: Improving infrastructure in Ethiopia, boosting US rail to tackle climate change, the future of London’s commuter lines under TfL, tram trouble in Lisbon, account based ticketing, and more

Future Rail: Issue 35

In this issue: The most promising eco-friendly locomotive designs, innovation with HackTrain, the UK’s rolling stock boom, project management tips from Crossrail’s programme director, seeing the bigger picture in network maintenance and more.

Future Rail: Issue 34

In this issue: Alstom’s new focus on rail, inside the Gotthard Base Tunnel project, how London Underground is recycling energy from Tube trains, Germany’s first crowdfunded rail service, a look at the world’s railway heritage and more.

Future Rail: Issue 33

In this issue: Why the UK is looking to China for HS2 investment, how the US is preparing its network for the PTC implementation deadline, solutions to Chicago’s rail gridlock, taking the stress out of rush hour with new tech ideas, software tools for tunnelling and more.

Future Rail: Issue 32

In this issue: Times of change for Deutsche Bahn, Australia’s switch to digital signalling, Network Rail’s mobile maintenance trains, Scotland’s new rail line, meeting urgent demand for rolling stock in the UK, and more.