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Future Rail: Issue 24 | April 2015

Congestion on Singapore’s MRT is notoriously bad and overcrowding is likely to get worse in the future. We find out how research using data from smartcard ticketing aims to tackle the problem by predicting passenger flows.

China is building a rolling stock giant with a planned merger of China CNR Corporation and CSR Corporation. But can the two rivals work together, and what will the merger mean for competition in the global rolling stock market?

Also in this issue we investigate whether India’s massive rail modernisation plan is achievable, find out about a new value-driven approach to procurement used by London Underground, ask how findings from the SafeRail study will be implemented to improve safety at level crossings and speak to Siemens Innovator of the Year 2014 Ralf Beyer about the future of smart train maintenance.

In this issue

From Vision to Reality
Now completed, the SafeRail feasibility study looked at improving safety at level crossings in Europe. Chris Lo speaks to the project team about the study findings and steps towards implementation
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Saving a Lifeline
Some 15,000 people die every year on India’s railways – a problem the government plans to tackle as part of a massive modernisation plan. Chris Lo asks how realistic this undertaking is considering stretched resources, organisational incoherence and 65,000km of ageing track.
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Smarter Service
In 2007 Ralf Beyer’s vision that rail vehicles would one day be maintained from tablets and smartphones elicited laughter. In 2014 it won him the title of Siemens Inventor of the Year. Margot Knight finds out why.
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Giant in the Making
Beijing hopes the planned merger of China CNR Corporation and CSR Corporation will pave the way for more lucrative contracts abroad. Ross Davies asks, can the two rivals work alongside one another after a decade of competition?
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Procuring Value
A new procurement process assesses bids based not only on their ability to complete a project but also for the value the proposal would add to the contract. Tomo Taka investigates the ICE model and its benefits.
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Cutting Congestion
With overcrowding on Singapore’s mass rapid transit system predicted to worsen, researchers have combined simulated scenarios with smartcard data to determine exactly how bottlenecks occur. Abi Millar finds out more from the A*STAR Institute of High Performance Computing.
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Next issue preview

Network Rail in the UK has trialled a new battery-powered passenger train, marking the first time a purely electric train has run on the country’s rail network in more than 50 years. We investigate why the electric train hasn’t made more of an impact on the industry so far and whether that is likely to change in the future.

Following Xerox‘ entry into the smart transport market with a tool to help manage urban transport systems we take a look at how big data innovations are transforming rail operations. We also catch up with Transport for London’s contactless payment scheme to find out how it has come along since the launch last year, ask what is being done in the UK to reduce the number of accidents occurring at station platforms, and explore new strategies for reducing the number of animal casualties on railways.

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