Future Rail: Issue 12

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The US has traditionally seen low rail usage, with many streetcar and electric train systems dismantled in the 1940s and 50s. But with a number of high-speed developments underway across the country, we ask if the US is seeing something of a revolution in rail travel.

We also speak to MTR to learn how the company has made London Overground one of the most successful rail franchises in the UK, profile the high-output plant system train being used to electrify Wales and consider the value of diesel backup engines in areas at risk of overhead line failure.

Moreover, we profile the ten fastest trains operating in the continent, look at the latest issues surrounding the proposed HS2 development and investigate whether the first ever on-board Starbucks could show the way for improved passenger services.

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In this issue

The American Revolution
The California High Speed Rail project, the cornerstone of America’s bid to renew its underdeveloped railway infrastructure, has begun to veer off track. We investigate the future of US rail travel.
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Overhauling the Overground
London Overground has been transformed over the past six years. We speak to MTR Corporation CEO of European business Jeremy Long to learn the secrets of the company’s success.
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The mobile electrification factory
Wales is one of only three countries in Europe not to have any part of its rail network electrified. We look at how a new high-output system is set to change this.
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High hopes for Hitachi
Hitachi’s rolling stock supply for the UK’s Intercity Express Programme is anticipated to boost revenue by £3.3bn through improved reliability. We spoke to Hitachi Rail’s chief operating officer Andy Barr to learn more.
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Europe’s ten fastest trains
Europe is witnessing a surge in high-speed rail services, with rail operators ordering some of the world’s fastest trains. We look at the ten fastest trains on the continent.
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Coffee on the move
The first onboard Starbucks in the world has opened on a train in Switzerland. We ask if this could be the start of something new in passenger services.
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Next issue preview

Safety has always been a crucial issue, but measures have advanced over time. We speak to TUV Rheinland to learn how data analytics is evolving to have a greater impact, and ultimately reduce the risk of derailments and other accidents.

We also learn how integrating fleet communication systems can benefit onboard management and consider how scenic train routes are potentially lucrative for operators looking to attract tourists.

Moreover, we profile four new stations and refurbishment projects that are currently under construction in Scotland, look at the biggest metro networks in the world and consider the new Metro de Quito underground mass transit system under construction in Ecuador.

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