Chela has compiled a range of high-performance products for difficult cleaning and odour problems that train operators and cleaning contractors encounter.

Utilising modern odour lock, biotechnology and high-end perfumes, the range solves the problems the modern trains encounter.

Surface cleaning, including carpets

3253 Guardisan HP

Clean, deodorise and disinfect washroom areas. A highly perfumed product containing specialist odour lock technology. It is low hazard for use and will deactivate HIV, MRSA, C.Diff and Hepatitis B&C. Works on all surfaces, including glass.

594 Biofresh

Biotechnology with odour lock for surface and air treatment. Long-lasting and highly perfumed, locks malodours, freshens ambience. Ideal for use in carriages.

522 ReadySan Wipes

Strong non-woven fabric wipes impregnated with a very efficient cleaner and degreaser that is also an effective and quick-acting biocide.

229 Loosol Thick

A fast-acting, dual acid descaling product. Quickly and efficiently removes unsightly, unhygienic, odour-producing scale from WC pedestals, urinals, wash basins and washroom floors.

595 Biochela® Clens

A mixture of specialised micro-organisms and biodegradable surfactants to produce a versatile multi-surface cleaner, degreaser and odour control.

464 Vac Extract

Shampoo for vacuum extraction carpet machines using hard or soft, hot or cold water. Great on greasy soils, as well as general grime.

Air fresheners

1038 AirPure 1 1037 Airpure 2

High-quality odour-lock air fresheners.

Graffiti treatment

828 Eraze Liquid

Powerful, yet safe graffiti-removing liquid that works on smooth surfaces and a range of other substrates. Use on paint and powder coated surfaces, metal, glass, masonry, brick and concrete.

828 Eraze Wipes

Anti-graffiti wipes that are quick and easy to use. A big non-woven fabric cloth that is pre-wetted with Eraze liquid, the powerful graffiti remover removes paint and leather dye from plastic, paint, powder coating, metal, glass and even polycarbonate and acrylic.


An innovative total protection system that offers unrivalled surface protection and significant cost savings. ChelaGuard® offers incredible surface protection, for removal of grafitti, renovation of tired surfaces and UV and weather protection, Dramatically reduces the need to repaint train toilets.

CET tank treatments

835 Biogel 250

Biotechnology CET tank treatment. Perfume and odour-control gel with mixed odour-locks that cleans WC surfaces and keeps the toilet holding tank fully functional, preventing lock-outs due to malfunction. Inhibits the development of scale on internal surfaces and sensors, keeps contents fluid.

218 Descale P Conc

Powerful CET tank descaler.

Disinfecting tablet

Disinfects CET connections.

Chela Ltd is a manufacturer of specialised industrial cleaning chemicals and technical solutions. Our key objective is to provide cleaning solutions and technical services that increase efficiency and adds value to your cleaning processes and systems.