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GPS Tracking and Monitoring Solutions

2300 S. Jason Street Denver, CO
United States of America

Lat-Lon, a BSM Technologies Company, provides wireless GPS tracking and monitoring solutions worldwide to many industries, including rail, trucking, marine and intermodal sectors, and directly to manufacturers. Since 1999, Lat-Lon has established itself as an innovator in monitoring technology and product flexibility.

Devices are available for both powered and non-powered applications, and many types of sensors options are available. Real-time data can be viewed using Lat-Lon’s web-based fleet management reporting and mapping tools with a browser and internet connection.

Products include the self-contained Solar Tracking Unit (STU), the Compact Tracking Unit (CTU) with a smaller design to fit in tight spaces, the Locomotive Rail Unit that can come equipped with up to 11 digital and 4 analog inputs, and the Connected Rail Yard software that uses Mesh Technology to give total on-screen visibility of multiple assets in a rail yard.

Additionally, all of Lat-Lon’s products are complemented by BSM Technologies’ Hy-Rail and Rubber Tire Fleet products.

Remote asset tracking and monitoring

We believe that knowledge of the condition, location and performance of industrial assets is essential to running a safe, efficient, and profitable business. Through wireless GPS monitoring technology, Lat-Lon provides real-time information and unlimited access to data that can be integrated into existing software systems or viewed on a desktop or mobile device. With solutions from Lat-Lon, you can take action to:

  • Improve security and safety
  • Increase utilisation
  • Increase customer satisfaction
  • Ensure product quality
  • Reduce operational and maintenance costs

Rugged, durable equipment

We design and build our equipment from the ground up to function in industrial environments. All of our hardware must pass rigorous in-house testing that exceeds industry specifications, making it waterproof, shock-resistant, and certified for Class 1, Division 2 hazardous locations. Our monitoring hardware can withstand the harshest environments and operate under the most demanding conditions.

Solar advantage

Our monitoring hardware is self-charging with integrated solar panels on each unit. Eliminate battery replacement and related downtime expenses, because the solar panels use direct or indirect sunlight to replenish their power, year after year. With our patented power system, sensors can report day or night and deliver more messages over the lifetime of the product, enhancing product longevity.

Custom sensors

Lat-Lon offers a wide range of custom sensors tailored to what is important to you. Whether you are shipping temperature-sensitive goods, worried about damages to your shipment, or want to be notified when a door or hatch opens, we’ve got you covered. Lat-Lon is proud to be a leader in impact detection and diagnostics, offering a three-axis accelerometer impact sensor that provides acceleration and deceleration graphs to break down the force and velocity of each impact, as well as delta velocity values. Sensor offerings include:

  • Impact
  • Temperature
  • Handbrake position
  • Pressure
  • Camera
  • Hatch Integrity
  • Humidity and more

Web reporting system

Turn sensor monitoring data into actionable information with the powerful reporting functionality in our Web Reporting System. There is no software to install; all you need for 24/7 access to your password-protected account is an Internet connection. You get unlimited access to data, reports, photos, maps, weather, and dashboard displays.

Features of the Web Reporting System include:

  • Standard reports
  • Custom reports
  • Export data
  • Interactive maps
  • Real-time alerts and alarms
  • Extensive geo-fence capabilities

SMART configuration technology

Experience a new level of ‘SMART’ tracking technology with Adaptive Device Configuration (ADC). Tracking and monitoring devices can now make decisions on their own with the help of ADC.

This technology automatically updates how a device functions based on custom parameters, such as location, proximity to set points, impacts, weather data, unit status, and sensor data. For example, if you would like an update every ten minutes once a unit leaves a specific geo-fence, ADC will automatically configure reporting frequency. ADC makes it possible for you to receive those automatic updates without closely monitoring and changing the frequency yourself.

Mesh technology

Mesh technology allows you to receive a complete view of your equipment at a lower cost, all while increasing productivity and visibility of assets. Mesh Technology creates a network with hundreds of reporting points that require just one modem, versus multiple.

Compact Tracking Unit (CTU)

Lat-Lon has taken the popular Solar-Powered Tracking Unit (STU) and made it even smaller to offer a new solution in tight spaces, even in the grooves of a container or any other non-powered asset. The CTU is a GPS monitoring system that monitors and protects your shipments by providing critical information through various sensors:

Locomotive Monitoring Unit

Lat-Lon's Locomotive Monitoring Unit brings you critical information about your most valuable rail assets.

Mesh Technology

With Mesh technology, receive a complete view of your equipment at a lower cost, all while increasing productivity and visibility of assets.

Solar Tracking Unit (STU)

Lat-Lon has combined many popular tracking capabilities into one solar-powered GPS monitoring system that provides more information than ever before.

Locomotive Monitoring Unit

Lat-Lon's Locomotive Monitoring Unit (LMU) brings you critical information about your most valuable rail assets. It allow you to use real-time monitoring and custom sensors to tailor the data you receive and key in on crucial components.

Western Dedicated Freight Corridor, India

Western Dedicated Freight Corridor (DFC) is a broad gauge corridor under construction that will connect the national and business capitals of India - Delhi and Mumbai.

Lat-Lon Reduces the Cost of IoT

Lat-Lon announces that it has eliminated the monthly cellular service charge on its new version of the Solar Tracking Unit. Lat-Lon has replaced the standard cellular modem with a LoRa data modem. The LoRa data modem can off load the data collected during a trip to a gateway for no charge.

Lat-Lon IoT-Optimised 4G LTE-Cat1 Modems

Lat-Lon has announced that 4G LTE Category-1 with 3G rollback capabilities are available in the Compact Tracking Unit (CTU) and Solar Tracking Unit.

Lat-Lon Launches Adaptive Device Configuration

Lat-Lon introduces a new level of 'SMART' tracking technology with the addition of Adaptive Device Configuration (ADC). Tracking and monitoring devices can now make decisions on their own with the help of ADC.

New Compact Tracking Unit by Lat-Lon

Lat-Lon announces a new product, the compact tracking unit (CTU). A new smaller solar-powered tracking device, the CTU product is designed to fit in small spots, even in the grooves of a container or any other non-powered asset. The unit collects data, GPS and from additional optional sensors, to send from nearly any location, worldwide to secure servers with multiple points for data access in near real-time.

Lat-Lon to Exhibit at RSI in Minneapolis

Lat-Lon, a BSM Wireless Company (TSX-V: GPS) and a leading provider of remote monitoring and GPS tracking for rail, will be exhibiting at the Railway Interchange from 4 October to 7 October, 2015, located at booth 3342.

Lat-Lon Releases Free White Paper

The Lat-Lon wireless GPS tracking and monitoring system provides all of the location and productivity information that you need to manage railcars.

Lat-Lon Next Generation; More Power Less Draw

Lat-Lon, LLC. is pleased to announce the release of the 14K Solar Tracking Unit (STU). The 14K STU incorporates power management improvements, plus upgrades to GPS and cellular technologies.

Lat-Lon Deploys Over 3,200 Sensors in the UAE

Lat-Lon, LLC. in partnership with NYAB, has executed a large smart car and locomotive monitoring contract for Etihad Rail in the UAE. The project equips 240 sulfur wagons with 13 individual wireless sensors per car, reporting to a newly developed Receiver Logic Unit (RLU). Over 3,200 sensors report hatch status, door position, bearing temperature, and vibrations for derailment.

A New Query Desktop Application From Lat-Lon

Asset management hardware and software solutions provider Lat-Lon released the new PC Query Application. As the first generation desktop application, Query App is an entirely new point of access to data adding to the existing web-based and mobile applications.

An App to Map, Monitor and More by Lat-Lon

Lat-Lon LLC, a leading provider of industrial tracking and monitoring solutions, announced it has an app available for Android and Apple devices. This fleet management tool is compatible with IPhone, IPod, IPad, and most Android 2.2 and newer operating systems.

Lat-Lon Wins Connected World Value Chain Award

Lat-Lon, LLC. announced today that they have been awarded the Gold Value Chain Award in Fleet Management from Connected World Magazine. The award was presented at the annual Connected World Conference in St. Charles, Illinois, US, to distinguish the most successful corporate adopters of M2M technology and connected devices.

Lat-Lon Launches Automatic Engine Start / Stop for Locomotives

Lat-Lon, a leading provider of industrial tracking and monitoring solutions, has announced that it is now in full production of the Automatic Engine Start / Stop (AESS) System. The AESS is an interactive, real-time locomotive system for operators to control, monitor, and remotely set start/stop r

Lat-Lon Introduces New Solar Tracking Unit

Denver, Colorado — The saying 'a picture is worth a thousand words' is now true for asset and logistics managers. Lat-Lon's new solar tracking unit, with built-in camera, provides much more information than can be collected with traditional sensors. A picture can show the position of

Lat-Lon Locomotive GPS Monitoring Units Installed by Short Lines

Two US short line railroads have selected the Lat-Lon Locomotive Monitoring Unit (LMU) for their fleet of locomotives. Both Iowa Interstate and Indiana Harbor Belt are equipping Lat-Lon LMU’s on their locomotives. The GPS equipped LMU is designed to improve locomotive utilization, reduce locomo

Lat-Lon Posts Record Wireless RailRider DPU/i Sales

Lat-Lon announced today that its solar powered Damage Prevention Unit (DPU/i) equipped with the optional an 3 axis impact accelometer hit record sales for the first half of the year. Both shippers and railroads use the DPU/i to identify handling problems during transit. Waukesha Elect

Lat-Lon Receives Another Patent

Lat-Lon, LLC was issued another patent on its self-contained wireless GPS tracking and monitoring device. The patent covers the innovative power system that allows the device to operate on solar power indefinitely. The tough, easy-to-install 'bolt-n-go' device will never have to be touched again

Lat-Lon LLC, A BSM Technologies Company

2300 S. Jason Street Denver, CO


United States of America