Lat-Lon’s Locomotive Monitoring Unit brings you critical information about your most valuable rail assets.

With up to 11 digital and four analogue inputs, clients can customise the data received and key in on critical components. As a valued supplier to Class 1’s and shortlines, Lat-Lon offers training and support over the lifetime of our products.

The new optical fuel sensor delivers accurate fuel usage intel for future savings. The automatic engine start / stop feature helps to maintain ideal temperatures and eliminate wasted fuel from idling.

The RailRider Locomotive Monitoring Unit helps clients to:

  • Improve locomotive utilisation
  • Reduce locomotive dwell and idle times
  • Eliminate dump valve releases
  • Improve fuel management
  • Gain visibility into dark territory
  • Improve one-man crew safety
  • Improve crew productivity

The system is available with a range of sensors, including:

  • Up to 11 digitals and four analogue readings
  • Three axis accelerometer for impact detection
  • Automatic engine start / stop (AESS)
  • Fuel
  • Voltage
  • Temperature
  • Throttle position