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SwitchPoint Heating is the ideal partner while updating switch points at industrial and railway depot tracks. We supply complete customised switch point heating kits with remote control and monitoring, so clients can order all the required accessories for installing such systems, cables, cable ducts, connectors and enclosures.

We also sell a smart hydraulic switch point drive system for railway depots and industrial tracks, which can be adapted to almost any present switch gear operated by locomotive drivers.

We engineer and deliver heating solutions for any industrial application and our biggest strength is our flexibility, which makes the client’s needs the basis for creating a suitable product.

VELOX railway switch point heating

Delivered as complete custom length kits, they consist of all the necessary material for easy installation.

VELOX rail-point heating control system

Module built for two or four switch points in each module and one system can control up to 20 switch point systems with 400 sensors.

Control panels come as a standard in a plastic fiberglass-reinforced enclosure with a dig-down ground stand that also protects cables.

Cable ducts

We deliver a buildable lightweight cable-duct system made by composite.

It is easy to transport and install with several crossings models and angled parts, which can be used instead of molding concrete ducts.

Ducts are designed to withstand the pressure from vehicles crossing over.

BS Drive hydraulic switch gear drive

A trailable switch for depots and industrial tracks, it is a very usable and flexible unit that can easily be extended into smart, simple depot systems.

Additionally, it easily replaces older manual switch mechanisms.

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