MPO cable duct

Lightweight cable ducts that are easy to install and transport, they withstand to be run over by vehicles. Its recycled, environmentally acceptable materials bring down costs for canalisation.

Features include:

  • Horizontal segments, which increase weight substantially upon installation
  • Can be laid above ground if earth nails are used
  • Cover can be installed over two troughs
  • Cover can be firmly connected even when open
  • Covers can be opened individually
  • Cables and pipes that have been laid are easily accessible anywhere and at any time
  • Cables and pipes effectively protected against external influences
  • No earth connection or insulation necessary
  • Easy adjustments on-site, with the help of woodworking tools the duct can be angled off as required
  • Junctions can be attached and height differences can be overcome
  • Cable duct can be laid simply and quickly, cutting down closure times for assembly
  • Lightweight
  • Stable design
  • No jointing components
  • Maintenance-free
  • Highly economical