BS Switch Drive

A trailable switch for depots and industrial tracks, BS80 switch drive is in use at several new depots in Sweden. It has become popular, because of its safe and simple structure and trail ability feature.

A very usable and flexible unit that can easily be extended into smart and simple depot systems.

The BS 80 switch drive has been in use since the mid-1990s and has proven to be very reliable and a favourite for new builders of depots. It can be used to easily replace older manual switches.

BS 80 is the ideal solution when replacing manually operated switches with counterweight.

The drive delivery includes all major parts:

  • The protective steel box mounted between the sleepers are available in two types; side-mount and middle-mount boxes
  • Hydraulic drive with AC motor and double-acting cylinder (9kN) in both directions
  • Springs (7kN) are integrated to operate the drive and hold the track in place
  • Built in detection device with limit switches
  • Tongue rail bars, connecting drive with rail
  • Control cabinet with LED-lamp indicator arrow and an operator button