Remote software-controlled control panels with thyristor output make it possible to monitor status of your switchpoint heating from any location where internet is accessible.

We manufacture custom-designed automatic-control cabinets, which contain thyristor control devices and soft-start regulators, as well as equipment for remote control and logging of energy consumption and temperature, amongst other data.

The parameters of the Velox rail-point regulator can be checked and adjusted from a remote computer connected by the internet, and logged temperature and current values may, in the same way, be viewed or downloaded for further analyses. Internet connection is available via a built-in wireless modem.

The system also sends alarms to operator on error, in order to alert personnel for immediate repair.

System is module built for 2-4 switch points in each module and one system can control up to 20 switch point systems with 400 sensors.

The master cabinet holding system computer communicates with slave cabinets by a twisted pair. Sensors can be used for other purposes as well.

Control panels come in a plastic, fiberglass-reinforced enclosure as standard with dig-down ground stand that also protects cables.