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Rosenfelt & West Engineering

Level Crossing, Interlocking and Signalling Solutions


Rosenfelt & West Engineering (RWE) designs and installs level crossings and interlocking signalling systems, as well as offers consultancy services for the railway industry.

The company also trains technicians to install BUES 2000 systems, relay and transition solutions, interlocking, axle and off loops, allowing them to handle daily maintenance operations.

RWE’s working procedures are in line with DS / EN 9001: 2008 certification.

Level crossings for railways

RWE designs and implements railway crossings with the latest computer and relay technology up to SIL 4.

The company installs pedestrian and level crossings, as well as crossings for station platforms. RWE also offers relay-based and quick-to-install portable level crossings.

Level crossings come with logging and remote control systems, as well as a 20-year warranty.

RWE supplies engineering services, including project engineering and management, integration, and validation and authority approvals according to the common safety method (CSM).

The company also performs factory and site acceptance tests, installation and construction work, maintenance and repairs, and training for technicians.

Interlocking signalling and communications solutions

RWE offers interlocking signalling solutions meeting SIL 4 security requirements, including fully electronic and light rail systems meeting SIL 4 security requirements, systems for shunt areas, integrated traffic communications solutions and application programming interfaces (API).

RWE offers radio-controlled light rail signalling systems, as well as design, validation, consulting and supervision services for light rail projects.

Railway safety and security solutions

The company manufactures SIL4-certified railway security systems, including electronic alarm bells, cable distribution houses, and net control relays for BUES 2000 systems.

RWE also produces road signal poles in compliance wth energy-absorbing regulations, as well as 200mm roadlights, K and U-type road signals for level crossings, and electronic turnkey transmission installations.

The company renovates beam engines, DSi and K 051 alarm bells and signals for level crossings.

Design, project management and consultancy services

RWE offers design, validation, project management, consultancy and supervision services for signalling systems, level crossing solutions, interlocking facilities, and communication systems such as GSM-R/TETRA.

The company also offers support for design engineering of level crossings and signalling systems, light rail and safety projects, regulatory approval and CSM.

With its own inventory, RWE’s stock administration system tracks products to ensure computer boards are delivered with the correct software versions.

The company manages repairs and replaces defective spare parts in accordance with customer requirements.

Relay and security system training for electricians and technicians

RWE has more than 30 years’ experience in teaching electricians and technicians about electronic and relay-based security systems.

The company also runs specialised classes in various detection techniques for roads and railways, both from RWE’s own facilities and on-site.

Immunisation Delivered Two Weeks Ahead of Time by Rosenfelt & West Engineering

Aarhus is home to Denmark's first light rail line in 2017, which will connect Aarhus, Grenaa, Odder and in between closer together. Rosenfelt & West Engineering (RWE) has supplied 24 level crossings along with their subcontractor AURA and handed his share of the Odder-track two weeks ahead of time.

Rosenfelt & West Engineering

Rådhus Allé 7

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