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Profile Measurement Devices for Trains and Tracks

NEXTSENSE is a global leader in producing and distributing revolutionary profile measurement solutions for trains and tracks.

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NEXTSENSE is a global leader in producing and distributing revolutionary profile measurement solutions for trains and tracks. The non-contact measurement gauges, called CALIPRI, are based on advanced laser light section technology.

No matter who uses them, the parameters they gather will always be accurate, unaltered and free from fluctuations and assumptions. Moreover, the measured data is transferred digitally to desired databases, so that nothing can go wrong with the documentation of measurement results.

CALIPRI C4x: Multifunctional non-contact profile measurement device

The product family CALIPRI C4x enables the profile inspection of wheelsets and tracks without switching between different gauges. The multifunctional handheld device measures the profiles of wheels, brake discs, rails and switches on a non-contact basis, without the need to own systems for differently shaped measuring objects.

Recording a wide range of profile shapes with only one system substantially reduces purchase, calibration and training costs. A great number of software modules makes it possible to tailor one sensor to fit the given user situation exactly. A diversity of sensor sizes, such as for hard-to-access areas, allows further customisation.

CALIPRI Prime: Non-contact wheel profile measurement device

With the new sensor generation CALIPRI Prime, NEXTSENSE provides an attractive entry-level solution for highly precise inspection of wheels. The non-contact and handy measurement device enables highly accurate wheel flange measurements (flange height, width and qR).

In addition, CALIPRI Prime can measure wear values comprising wheel width, hollow tread and rollover. This device is the digital alternative to error-prone mechanical wheel profile gauges. CALIPRI Prime is very cost-efficient due to the focus on a single measurement task.

With CALIPRI, you can check profiles of various measurement objects in a similar way to tactile teaching. However, the non-contact operation of CALIPRI provides reliable and reproducible results in contrast to these contacting methods. The following benefits can be achieved with CALIPRI devices.

Reproducible measurement results without operator influence

The measurement is carried out on a non-contact basis. For the measurement, the user moves the sensor by hand over the object to be measured. The intelligent image processing system continually records segments of the object from various viewing directions and combines them.

Typical measurement errors due to tilted scanning, undefined measuring force or loop-sided application of gauges are ruled out by the patented CALIPRI technology. The distance and angle of the sensor to the measured object does not have to be kept exactly the same throughout the measurement process.

Non-contact profile measurements with the greatest precision

Confined spaces or difficult access pose no problem for CALIPRI. The ergonomically designed handheld sensors and the high-performance software allows for effortless and quick measurements. This means substantially reduced time expenditure, greater productivity and outstanding comfort.

Once the entire profile line of the object to be measured has been recorded, the data will be analysed and the resulting values will be visible on the CALIPRI display. Any overstepping of given tolerances is displayed immediately.

A multitude of interfaces with upgradeable analytical functions

For customised processing, CALIPRI measurement data can be stored and exported. By foregoing hand-written records and manual transmissions, the reports by CALIPRI are faultless and tamper-proof. Comprehensive analysis and reporting functions of the CALIPRI software result in a maximum of customisation of data processing.

NEXTSENSE´s reference list

The reference list of NEXTSENSE includes railway industry leaders, including Austrian Federal Railways-Holding (ÖBB) and the Deutsche Bahn, which uses the CALIPRI profile measuring tools nationwide. CALIPRI devices are successfully established and used by companies in China, Russia and the US.

With more than 40 sales partners, NEXTSENSE is represented all over the world.

If you are interested in getting further information about our various measurement devices, please use the form below to send us your enquiry!

CALIPRI C4x Track Inspection Modules

With CALIPRI modules for infrastructure applications, the optical measurement devices of the product family CALIPRI C4x provide highly accurate results in the measurement of tracks. Due to its modular software concept the system can be adapted to specific customer needs at any time. Even in retrospect, the user can expand the measurement device functionality.

CALIPRI C4x Wheelset Inspection Modules

The CALIPRI C4x instruments are hand-held optical profile measurement devices, multifunctional applicable for the entire wheel-rail system and made to provide highly accurate measurement results.

CALIPRI Prime: Wheel Profile Measurement Device

CALIPRI Prime is a cost-effective handheld device for wheel profile measurement. The contact-free recording technology and the focus on a single measurement object make CALIPRI Prime a clear alternative to error-prone mechanical gauges, such as the wheel flanged gauge, for random maintenance steps or small workshops.

Profile Measurement Devices

CALIPRI contactless profile measurement devices meet the demands of the rail sector with a reproducible and simple measurement method for the complete wheel-rail system.

NEXTSENSE Passes €10m Mark

Passing the €10m barrier as early as the third quarter and winning the Fast Forward Award for the second time, NEXTSENSE reports economic successes for its tenth anniversary and has once again been given an award by the Styrian Business Promotion Agency (SFG).  


In the future, North and South American customers should benefit from faster response time and customer proximity. For this reason, NEXTSENSE is opening its first foreign subsidiary in Atlanta, in the State of Georgia.

CALIPRI Prime’s World Premiere at InnoTrans 2016

In keeping with the motto 'Focus on the essential', NEXTSENSE will proudly present a portable wheel profile measuring device for smaller budgets at this year's InnoTrans exhibition. This might just spell the end for traditional mechanical gauges, which look set to be replaced by a measurement device that is able to work contact-free.

Nextsense Takes Research and Development to the Next Level

Over the last few years, optical sensor technologies have entered into a new era. Highest precision, top-speed data processing and best usability are the new standards. One of the main drivers of this development is the Austrian enterprise for measuring technologies NEXTSENSE GmbH.

NextSense at METEC 2015

It's almost time for the METEC trade show, the tri-annual event that attracts some of the biggest players in the metallurgy industry.

NextSense at Control 2015

Every year in May, the 'who's who' of quality assurance experts meet in Stuttgart at the leading trade fair CONTROL. Of course, NextSense will be there to present the newest innovations in the fields of profile measurement & surface inspection.

NEM Solutions & NextSense

A.U.R.A Wheel provides full management of the long-term planning of railway bogie and wheelset maintenance, reducing uncertainty and over-maintenance in the planning of maintenance activities throughout the lifetime of wheelsets, and of the rolling stock fleet.

CALIPRI software: CPO 6.5

As of now, the latest version of our CALIPRI software is available. In addition to a huge improvement in measurement speed and an uncluttered user interface, the new CPO offers a variety of additional features.

CALIPRI – A Profile Measurement Device for Wheels, Brakes and Rails

Multitasking saves time and money: that is confirmed by a contact-free profile measurement device of the Austrian innovation incubator NextSense. Thanks to a non-contact measurement process, CALIPRI delivers high-precision and reproducible measurement results for a wide range of profiles. Whether it is rails, switches, wheels or brakes, CALIPRI measures them all.


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