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Infrastructure and Rolling Stock Measuring Systems and Services, Maintenance, and Renewal Management

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MERMEC Group is an industry leader and innovator specialised in supplying integrated solutions for diagnostics, signalling and asset management to railways and rapid transit systems worldwide.

The Group employs over 450 people and boasts active customers in 37 countries.

With a railway diagnostics products portfolio spanning from non-contact measuring systems (more than 60 different types) to recording cars, and completed by asset maintenance support systems and contracted services, the MERMEC Group’s unique ability is its capacity to provide railway operators with a comprehensive set of solutions for condition monitoring and maintenance planning.

Rail infrastructure and rolling stock measuring systems and diagnostic tools

Using cutting-edge technologies, the MERMEC Group offers automated and manual measuring systems and diagnostic tools for the monitoring of every type of infrastructure and rolling stock, serving conventional, high speed and heavy haul railways, as well as light rail systems and metros.

Track, overhead line, tunnel and clearance measuring systems

The MERMEC Group offers a wide range of measuring and vision systems to be installed, even unattended, on any revenue-producing or maintenance-specific rail vehicle.

Thanks to their interoperability our property-measuring systems can be fully integrated with each other, providing the maintenance staff with 360° assessment of all the most important risk factors.

Track measuring systems

  • Track geometry, two technologies available (optical and inertial)
  • Rail profile and rail corrugation, from grinding to high speed application
  • Track vision systems, able to perform qualitative detection and dimensional analysis of surface defects on the rail (e.g. ‘head check’) and inconsistencies in the ballast, fasteners, sleepers and fishplates
  • Track video surveillance

Overhead line measuring systems

  • OHL geometry and contact wire wear: round, square and elliptical wire types compliant
  • Pantograph interaction and electric arcs detection
  • Pole detection
  • Transversal and longitudinal defects detection
  • Video surveillance

Tunnel and clearance measuring systems

  • High-performance clearance gauge and tunnel walls inspection system based on optical triangulation technology
  • Laser scanner standard solution for clearance gauge surveying

Recording cars for track, rail and catenary system inspection

MERMEC Group’s recording cars have been engineered and manufactured to carry out the measurements and recordings for regular inspection of the track, the rails and the catenary system simultaneously.

Rolling stock measuring systems

Rolling stock operators can keep their fleet safe and their maintenance programmes efficient by adopting MERMEC Group trackside diagnostic systems, which include:

  • Wheel profile and diameter measuring systems
  • Wheel surface defects and brake pads’ wear monitoring systems
  • Automatic train inspection of any general objects on railcars

Each system can be installed on any type of site, along the line or depot, and on any type of platform, ballast or concrete foundation.

Multi-function safety gates for real-time inspection of moving trains

All the above-mentioned measuring systems can be easily integrated in multi-function safety gates that allow real-time inspection of travelling trains.

Typically installed in critical points along the line (e.g. railway tunnels, inhabited places and high-capacity rail links), multi-functional safety gates allow incident prevention by enabling real-time analysis of a vehicle’s components: wheels and brakes, unbalanced and oversized loads, axles, and bearings’ temperatures.

Rail infrastructure maintenance and renewal management decision-support software

RAMSYS is a unique, integrated software platform for the management of all the data related to railway infrastructure maintenance (e.g. assets, defects, measurements and activities) designed and developed to support maintenance and renewals decisions. It enables the operator to implement the condition-based method, and to ensure an holistic approach to assets’ lifecycles.

With lots of data coming from numerous sources (diagnostic systems, work history, cost of assets, inventories, etc.), RAMSYS automatically produces work-order lists based on maintenance and renewal priorities and budgets based on actual and on-field information.

Rail infrastructure monitoring services

Regular and accurate monitoring of rail infrastructure condition is a time-consuming and complex task requiring experienced personnel and cutting-edge technology. The MERMEC Group can provide equipment, manpower and expertise to perform track and catenary inspections for railway operators as a contracted service.

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