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Innovative Parts & Solutions

Maintenance of Way Machinery and Equipment for Rail Tracks

20125 Stewart Crescent,
Maple Ridge,
BC V2X 0T6 Canada

Innovative Parts & Solutions

Innovative Parts and Solutions (IPS) has served rail and industry with speciality tools, parts and equipment. These include rail tongs, precision wear measuring devices, replacement parts for ballast regulators, tampers or other track maintenance of way (MOW) equipment.

The company aims to provide a responsive service and high-quality products, in order to maximise the safety of the tools and parts supplied to customers.

Track tools for the railway industry

IPS machines and fabricates a wide range of speciality rail tools, including rail tongs, heavy-duty rail threaders, 25t rail pullers and rail-wear measuring devices. The company’s designers continually test and develop new tools to maximise safety, quality and withstand the demands of everyday field use.

IPS also supplies hand tools, including:

  • Lining and nipping bars
  • Pandrol clip pullers
  • Drift / tie plug punches
  • Claw bars
  • Rail forks
  • Sledge hammers
  • Spike mauls
  • Drift pins
  • Spike lifters
  • Switch brooms
  • Track adzes
  • Aluminium tie and timber tongs
  • Replacement non-slip hickory handles

All tools meet the American Railway Engineering and Maintenance-of-Way Association (AREMA) standards and are supplied with high-carbon or Grade B alloy steel as required.

Rail maintenance of way equipment

IPS stocks a wide range of replacement parts for MOW equipment such as ballast regulators, tampers, cribbers, spikers and tie inserters.

The company also provides:

  • Ballast regulator wheels, regulator nose skids with carbide overlay, and broom elements and clamps
  • Round and rectangular adzer cribber bits
  • Four and six-sided adzer cribber heads
  • Long and short-tamper pivot shaft and pins
  • Tamper hook inserts: single and double bump
  • Single, double and Lewis spike claws
  • Spike jaws
  • Tamper squeeze cylinders

All parts are designed for compatibility with other brands such as Harsco, Nordco, Kershaw and Knox Kershaw.

IPS also carries a variety of devices for rail gauge maintenance and clamp assemblies.

Customised and standard rail carts

IPS designs and manufactures custom and stock carts for a wide range of applications. Carts offered include varieties such as light-duty, for toilets, heavy-duty push carts, people movers, tool cribs and the aluminium ‘TrakRat’ system.

All carts can be supplied with air brakes, draw bars, oscillating axles and safety hitch pins.

Wheels and wheel rebuilding for rail carts

As well as stocking new wheels, IPS also specialises in rebuilding and profiling old railway wheels back to OEM standards.

IPS machines custom wheels with diameters from 4in to 32in.

Rail and tie-mounted flag stands

IPS supplies a wide range of tie-mounted and rail-mounted flags stands, as well as a wide range of commonly used flags.

Steel collector pans for railway pollutants

IPS Collector Pans provides full pan protection for the area between and outside the rails with a system of steel pans and cross drains, which are easily installed on new or existing tracks.

Cross drains installed between the ties at right angles to the pans carry pollutants such as spilled diesel fuel, greases, chemicals and toxic liquids into tanks for treatment. IPS Collector Pans are ideal for fuelling stations, loading areas, and washing and cleaning operations.

IPS conducts detailed surveys to create design drawings for customised pans, so they precisely match the existing geometry and minimise field cutting during installation.

IPS 2017 Track Tools Catalogue

This white paper provides further details about IPS's range of products and services, including rail handling and track tools, maintenance of way parts, railway equipment servicing, custom rail machining and bending, safety solutions, locomotive parts and rail carts.

IPS Railway Parts and Solutions Catalogue

From the tools our company designs to lay and maintain track to the parts that keep locomotives and freight cars operating, IPS is here to help you get the job done.

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Innovative Parts & Solutions Ltd.

20125 Stewart Crescent

Maple Ridge

BC V2X 0T6