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Track Materials and Rolling Stock for Narrow Gauge and Industrial Railways

1 The Rubicon,
51 Norman Road,
SE10 9QB Other,
United Kingdom

1 The Rubicon,
51 Norman Road,
SE10 9QB Other,
United Kingdom

Holdtrade specialises in the supply of track materials and rolling stock to narrow gauge and industrial railways. Its customers include mines and mining companies, tunnelling contractors, plantations, switch and crossing manufacturers, heritage railways, and ports and harbours throughout the world.

Track accessories

Holdtrade and its associate company GB-Rail stocks a wide range of track materials including rail sections from 7kg/m to 40kg/m together with all the necessary fastenings, fishplates, fishbolts, base plates, clips, clip bolts, timber sleepers, dogspikes, and coachscrews / tirefonds. We also supply special rail sections including 35M, 50O, 60A, 80A and bullhead.

Temporary and permanent track for tunnelling and mining

Holdtrade is very experienced in the provision of temporary and permanent track to the tunnelling industry and to underground and surface mines. It has an in-depth understanding of applications and operations in restricted areas, flame-proofing, switches and crossings, specialised turnouts and California crossings, and ‘just in time’ deliveries.

Track part replacements

As an international company Holdtrade is able to supply replacement parts for permanent way maintenance or provide the full set of materials to build a new railroad track. These materials can be shipped anywhere in the world using our specialised freight systems.

Track maintenance tools and installation services

Holdtrade can supply a full range of track maintenance hand tools and track installation and maintenance services.

Maintenance rolling stock for narrow gauge and industrial railways

Holdtrade, in association with its manufacturing partners, offers a full range of rolling stock for narrow gauge and industrial railways including diesel, battery and electric locomotives and a vast range of wagons to suit most applications. This includes the Hudson (UK) range of industrial, mine and plantation vehicles such as tray cars, Granby cars, DSTs and sugar cane cars.


Holdtrade is part of an international association of companies and as such has carried out business on all continents, but has a special affinity to Africa.

Countries in which we have recently performed business include Canada, China, Colombia, Eire, Ghana, Iran, Nigeria, Poland, Tanzania, Uganda, UK, USA, South Africa, Spain and Zambia.

Holdtrade Mining

Holdtrade Mining operates in Ghana, Tanzania and Kenya as manufacturers’ representatives working in the field on behalf of FLS and other principals. Through the Ghana office, Holdtrade Mining provides a single point contact for all Holdtrade business in these territories, as well as service engineers to cover the after-sales needs of our customers.

Holdtrade (UK) Limited

1 The Rubicon

51 Norman Road


SE10 9QB


United Kingdom