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Rail Safety Solutions, Rail Inspection, Track Geometry, Railway Measurement Systems, Rail Video and Joint Bar Inspection

ENSCO Inc, has been a leader in the delivery of railroad and track safety measuring systems and cars for more than 40 years.

5400 Port Royal Road,
Virginia 22151,
United States of America

5400 Port Royal Road,
Virginia 22151,
United States of America

advanced rail technology for passenger, transit and freight rail

ENSCO engineers have led the rail industry in developing new, advanced technologies for passenger, transit and freight transportation since 1970. ENSCO technology and services help customers improve the quality of their operations, while making travel safer.

Track Inspection Technologies

ENSCO is an international leader in track inspection technologies. Our engineers have pioneered the use of technologies, such as advanced rail inspection sensors, high-resolution imaging technology, and autonomous inspection systems, to improve track maintenance. These technologies provide customers with the best possible tools to ensure track and rolling stock safety, increase productivity and efficiency, and reduce operating cost.

Track Inspection Vehicles: ENSCO’s range of inspection vehicle platforms include:

  • Self-propelled Vehicles
  • Towed Coaches
  • Hi-rail Vehicles

Track Measurement Systems: automated measurement technologies include:

  • Track Geometry Measurement Systems
  • Rail Profile Measurement System
  • Third-rail (Power Rail) Measurement System (TRMS)
  • Deployable Gage Restraint Measurement System
  • Ride Quality Measurement System
  • Rail Corrugation Measurement System
  • Overhead Wire Measurement System

Track Imaging Systems provide comprehensive track inspection and evaluation through advanced machine vision processing.

  • Joint Bar Inspection System
  • Track Component Imaging System
  • Rail Surface Imaging System
  • Driver View Imaging System
  • Overhead Wire (Catenary) Imaging System
  • Tunnel Wall Imaging System
  • Thermal Imaging System

Autonomous Inspection Systems can be installed on passenger or freight cars in revenue service to offer a cost-effective approach for maintenance planning and railway standards compliance.

  • Vehicle/Track Interaction (V/TI) Monitor: continuous safety monitoring of track conditions without impacting revenue service. Risk conditions are transmitted via cellular network and are received as email alerts and viewed in TrackIT®.
  • Autonomous Track Geometry Measurement System (ATGM)
  • Overhead Wire Measurement System

Track Inspector Tools help clients to accurately know the location and condition of track assets. ENSCO’s asset management products work together to provide real-time knowledge from the condition of track to the location of a train. The tools make maintenance more efficient, operations safer, and increase the bottom line through reliable data management.

  • Portable Track Loading Fixture (PTLF): an easy-to-use, manually operated track inspection tool designed to test the lateral strength of railroad crossties and fastening systems
  • Digital Track Notebook® 3.0 (DTN): simple, mobile, web-based track inspection tool to gain rapid access to performance reports and ensure regulatory compliance

Track Inspection Services use ENSCO-owned and operated vehicles and systems for access to cutting edge track inspection technology and in-house experts.

  • Hi-rail Inspection Vehicles
  • Portable Inspection System for Rail Bound Vehicles
  • Inspection Technologies

Track Data Management Suite

The Track Data Management Suite provides a fully integrated offering of ENSCO data management and analysis software packages. Uses common architecture, data structures, and asset databases to enable cross-communication of the systems to achieve advanced capabilities. The web-based applications, including DTN®, TrackIT® and AMA, are seamlessly integrated into one user interface.

  • Digital Track Notebook® (DTN): a web-based, paperless record management of inspection schedules, maintenance, defect identification, and follow-up records. The DTN offers rapid access to performance reports and ensures regulatory compliance
  • TrackIT®: a web-based, track asset and automated inspection data management repository
  • Automated Maintenance Advisor (AMA): trend deteriorating conditions and automated identification of prescriptive maintenance tasks
  • GeoEDIT 8: in-depth graphical analysis and reporting of track measurement data
  • Virtual Track Walk (VTW): software enables high-resolution, synchronized track images to be inspected in the office
  • VAMPIRE®: vehicle / track interaction software from the Resonate Group® that simulates rail vehicles on the track. ENSCO Rail is North and South American distributor for this industry-standard software

Vehicle / Track Evaluation

ENSCO Rail is a recognized leader in the railway industry and parlays more than four decades of experience into comprehensive, knowledge-based vehicle / track Interaction consulting services. Subject matter experts can provide support and consultation specific to the needs of vehicle operators, suppliers and derailment investigators. Whether qualifying vehicles for higher speed operation, addressing a vehicle’s behavior, or guiding rail vehicles through acceptance testing, ENSCO can skillfully navigate the customer through the process with efficiency.

  • Vehicle Acceptance Testing
  • Vehicle Analysis
  • Instrumented Wheel Set (IWS)
  • Modelling and Simulation
  • Derailment Investigations
  • VAMPIRE® Sales and Support

Rail Safety and Security

Gain workable solutions to keep passengers and railroad personnel safe and secure. ENSCO’s Rail Emergency Evacuation Simulator trains first responders. Vulnerability assessments mitigate vulnerabilities, while ensuring uninterrupted operations.

  • Rail Emergency Evacuation Simulator
  • Vulnerability Assessment
  • Derailment Prevention

Train Control Safety

ENSCO supports Positive Train Control, and other train control and signaling systems professional consultants and technology. In-house train control professionals combined with our engineering staff provide comprehensive inspection systems for asset change management, and signal and communication equipment condition monitoring.

  • Positive Train Control (PTC) Consulting
  • PTC Asset Change Management and Inspection
  • Signaling Inspection Systems

Track Data Management Suite

ENSCO offers fully integrated data management and analysis software packages using web-based applications.

Track Inspection Technologies

ENSCO provides advanced rail inspection sensors, high-resolution imaging technology, and autonomous inspection systems to improve track maintenance.

Train Control Safety

ENSCO offers train control and signalling systems, as well as consultancy services.

Vehicle / Track Evaluation

ENSCO is a recognised leader in railway technology with decades of experience for comprehensive, knowledge-based vehicle / track consulting services.

ARTC V/TI Monitor Trial Results and Analysis

A growing method for evaluation of track conditions is to use autonomous measurement systems. This allows for "train path free" measurement, meaning that a standard revenue vehicle is used to obtain the measurement. This is greatly preferred to using a non-revenue vehicle which consumes track time.

ENSCO Rail to Exhibit Its Solutions at AREMA 2018

ENSCO Rail will be exhibiting at the American Railway Engineering and Maintenance-of-Way Association (AREMA) 2018 annual conference and exposition in the Hilton Chicago, US, from 16-19 September.

ENSCO to Participate in Railway Interchange 2017

ENSCO Rail, an international leader in advanced rail technology solutions for passenger, transit and freight markets, will be participating in Railway Interchange 2017. The event takes place in Indianapolis, from 17-19 September.

ENSCO, Inc. Awarded Five-Year ATIP Contract from the FRA

ENSCO, Inc. is pleased to announce it has been named an awardee by the Federal Railroad Administration (FRA) for the Automated Track Inspection Program (ATIP). Under the new five-year contract, ENSCO will operate and maintain six FRA track inspection cars.

ENSCO Rail to Deliver ATGMS and Rail Profile Measuring System to Rumo ALL

Rumo ALL, under a competitive bid, selected ENSCO Rail to supply an Autonomous Track Geometry Measurement System (ATGMS) and Rail Profile Measurement System (RPMS). These systems will be installed in early 2017 on an existing freight car dedicated to track condition evaluation.

ENSCO Rail to Participate in AREMA

ENSCO Rail, an international leader in advanced rail technology solutions for passenger, transit and freight markets, will be participating in the American Railway Engineering and Maintenance-of-Way Association (AREMA) 2016 Annual Conference and Exposition. The event takes place in Orlando, US, from August 28-30.

ENSCO Opens Office in Perth, Australia, as Part of Global Expansion Strategy

ENSCO Rail Australia Pty Ltd is pleased to announce that it opened a new branch office in Perth, Australia, Jan. 4, to provide outstanding project delivery, service and sales support to its Australian customers. Establishment of this office is in response to the growth and expansion of ENSCO's comprehensive solutions for railway asset condition assessment and maintenance planning technologies in the Australian marketplace.

ENSCO Names Jeffrey Stevens to Lead Rail Division

Jeffrey Stevens was named division manager of ENSCO's applied technology and engineering division, effective 1 October. He will also serve as director of ENSCO Rail and ENSCO Rail Australia Pty, wholly owned subsidiaries of ENSCO.

ENSCO Releases A Free V/TI Monitor White Paper

This paper discusses the results of an initial trial and continued use of a V/TI Monitor by ARTC in the Hunter Valley and how the data is utilised to evaluate track conditions. The Vehicle/Track Interaction Monitor (V/TI) is an autonomous measurement system that has been in use for over 15 years in the US for determining locations of excited vehicle / track interaction.

AusRAIL PLUS: ENSCO Rail Systems Showcase

ENSCO Rail, an international leader in advanced rail technology solutions for passenger, transit and freight markets, will be exhibiting its track measuring systems at AusRail Plus in Sydney 26-28 November.

ENSCO Delivers TrackIT Track Chart Management System To Amtrak

ENSCO, Inc. has announced that it has delivered the TrackIT Track Chart Management System to Amtrak. The web-based system hosts Amtrak's official track charts and provides them as high quality PDF digital copies or hard copies. The system is a module of ENSCO's TrackIT Data Management System.

ENSCO Delivers State-of-the-Art Track Inspection Vehicle to WMATA

ENSCO delivered to the Washington Metropolitan Area Transit Authority its first track geometry vehicle (TGV), a specialised railcar equipped with advanced technology that analyses the condition of the rail and track infrastructure, and will alert Metro to potential defects.

ENSCO Awarded Patent for Rail Components Video Inspection System

ENSCO, Inc. announced today that it has received a patent for its video inspection system for rail components from the United States Patent and Trademark Office. The patent covers our innovative machine vision system and methods for inspection of rail components such as turnouts, fastenings and j


5400 Port Royal Road

Virginia 22151



United States of America