ENSCO is a recognised leader in railway technology with decades of experience for comprehensive, knowledge-based vehicle / track consulting services.

  • Vehicle Acceptance Testing: experienced rail team and advanced test equipment provide data collection and analysis services for vehicle waiver and / or qualification approval
  • Vehicle Analysis: subject matter experts aid in investigating rail vehicle suspension and structural issues, such as premature failure or wear, including on-site inspection, testing, analysis, and modelling
  • Instrumented Wheel Sets (IWS): use a fully calibrated strain gauge array that produces real-time vertical, lateral and longitudinal wheel / rail force measurements and also measure the wheel / rail contact location. More than 40 IWS operating on passenger, freight and transit cars
  • Modelling and Simulation: use programmes such as VAMPIRE®, as well as ANSYS to perform Finite Element Analysis
  • Derailment Investigations: capabilities include on-site investigations, track measurements including track geometry and rail profile, vehicle component assessments, reenactment testing with instrumentation and vehicle/track interaction modelling using VAMPIRE
  • VAMPIRE Sales and Support: simulates rail vehicles on track. ENSCO Rail is the North and South American partner for sales and technical support.